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How to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards in 2019 {Updated}


Amazon gift cards have become a very good option for online purchases. No doubt these cards have made a great impression since their arrival, being very popular in the market. Undoubtedly there are many options to generate these gift cards, here you will know the best ways to obtain them without problems.



There are many ways to get all your Amazon purchases for free with options not very famous in the market, you just have to follow a few steps and that’s it. Earn points that you can redeem for Free Amazon gift cards using Bing as your search engine. Simply sign up for Bing Rewards, and automatically add points to your account every time you search.



To earn points faster, perform your Bing searches using the Microsoft Edge browser. This is a staggering program, so you will earn more points when you advance to the next level. This rewards program is available for people over 13, so your children can do it too.

Best of all, I could have gotten much more, but 95% of the time I prefer to receive payments through payment processors such as PayPal since I can use the money freely as I see fit. Anyway, the option to charge through Free Amazon Gift Cards is becoming increasingly popular in this world of online business.

THE REASON IS OBVIOUS: who has not bought something in the most famous online store in the world? I believe that, with each passing day, there are fewer people who can say no.

Due to a large number of new sites that come out every day, this list will be in continuous review and update. We recommend you visit it from time to time to be aware of all the news.


Watch for free gift card promotions on Amazon. They often offer “spend $ 50, get a $ 25” gift card in the “Groceries” and “Health and personal care” categories. It will only take a minute to verify, so get into the habit of looking every time you are on the site.



Gather all those old cell phones, laptops, digital cameras, video games, movies, books (including textbooks) and electronic devices that are taking up space in your home, and exchange them for Free Amazon gift cards.


The Amazon Redemption Program makes it easy for you to see how much your material is worth and so easy to send. And, generally, they are willing to pay more than anyone else. Use sellcell.com, bookscouter.com, and DirectTextbook.com to see how much other companies pay before completing the deal.


Buy through TopCashback every time you make an online purchase and earn a refund. It is guaranteed that they have the highest money-back offer of all, so you don’t have to waste your time checking a lot of sites before buying, and if you choose an Amazon gift card for your payment, they will give you an extra 3 %! Better yet: there is no minimum threshold you must meet before you can charge!


Request a gift card whenever you want. To win faster gift cards, be sure to take advantage of special offers. Sometimes they offer up to 100 percent return on certain items.

  • WE ARE TESTERS: Spanish company that offers small salaries for participating in short surveys and simple tests. Once you reach the minimum required ($ 10), you can request your payment through PayPal or through gift vouchers for Amazon.
  • YouGov: A veteran market research and research page that allows you to win Amazon cards from $ 25 / $. As a negative fact, it is available for users in the world.


  • CLIXSENSE: The best survey page in the world offers its users the possibility of receiving the profits through TangoCard, an intermediary to exchange virtual gifts that, of course, has in its Free Amazon Gift Cards catalog from $ 10. Users from all over the world can enjoy this website.
  • TOLUNA: One of the most famous survey pages. You can get points simply by giving your opinion and then exchange them for different prizes. Free Amazon gift cards can be requested from 100,000 points ($ 25). Valid for Spain and several Latin American countries.
  • I-SAY: Another page of recognized prestige that pays its users for their opinions in simple online questionnaires. Prizes through PayPal and Amazon Gift Cards from just $ 5. It is only for Spanish users.



The Internet is completely full of large quantities of the Free Amazon gift card generator, but you should choose the best one based on the reviews. If you choose the best Amazon code generator, then you can get a wide range of gift codes, such as:

  • $ 25 Amazon gift code
  • $ 50 Amazon gift code
  • $ 100 Amazon gift code


If you choose the best Amazon code generator, then you can get incredible amounts of benefits, such as:

  • 100% sure
  • Make an unlimited amount of gift card codes
  • Compatible with almost all devices
  • Anti-ban scripts enabled

This type of gift card is really useful for buying items very easily and directly from the Amazon website. If you choose the best Amazon gift card code generator, you can get an Amazon gift card at no cost.


Final Words

Using the Our Free Amazon gift card generator is always the easiest task. Simply click on the link to the Amazon gift card code generator and select the amount of the gift card you wish to receive and wait a moment to locate the location.

6 Methods to Get Free Robux in 2019 (UPDATED)

6 Methods to Get Free Robux in 2019

Having free robux in Roblox is not always an easy task. We know how complicated it is to progress in the game if you lack Robux or have very few. For that reason, we have compiled a series of tips and tutorials on how to get free robux legally.

Many players are curious about how to obtain the necessary resources to progress in the game. And you will wonder why legally? Because Roblox is one of the best known online gaming platforms, you should know that there are many websites that inform about tricks and hacks to get unlimited resources but we will tell you, of course, most of the time, these tricks do not work.

Methods to have Robux in Roblox

The best way to get your free Robux is by following certain tips that we will show you below. This way you will be calm to know that you will never damage your Roblox account.


In addition, you should know that the developers of this game have security systems to control every account in the game. For that reason, you can end your banned account if you try to use tricks to get Robux without paying.

That said, there are several ways to get resources in Roblox. These are:

  • 📌 Become a member of the Builder’s Club. Even so, this method is not completely free.
  • 📌 Buy the Robux. Obviously, this form is not free but, in case you need Robux immediately, this is the best option.
  • 📌 Sell ​​your items. However, only if you are a Builder’s Club member can you sell items, especially those that have the limited edition label.
  • 📌 Through websites that giveRobux in exchange for completing small tasks(it can be downloading an application, filling out a small survey, etc.)
  • 📌 Through Robux generators. Not recommended since they do not work. Most Robux generators do not end up giving the requested resources.
  • 📌 Acquiringgift cards for Robloxredeemable in the game. Without a doubt, the best option of all. Later we will explain how to get them and use them in the game.

Method 1: Subscribe to the Builder’s Club

The Builders Club (BC) is a premium membership that offers users some additional privileges that cannot be earned by normal users, such as the daily robux stipend or the ability to make shirts and pants. These elements allow much greater customization of the avatars of the users and their interactive creations.


Prices may vary respectively from 1000 Robux for $ 9.95 USD to 6000 Robux for $ 49.95 USD. Although it is a subscription and, therefore, it is not a free method to get Robux, it is honestly a very advisable option since, depending on the subscription you choose, you can receive between 15 and 60 Robux daily. Not bad, right?


Method 2: Buy Robux in the official store

Little more to say. If you have finally decided to buy Robux directly, you can visit our article on how to buy Robux to have more information about it.

Method 3: Sell ​​your creations and products

If you are skilled at creating shirts or pants with very attractive designs, you can sell them in the game and get rewards in the form of robux. Keep in mind that it is not easy to sell products since there is a lot of competition from users who create really beautiful designs. Even so, don’t be discouraged and try to make an effort to create your accessories.

Method 4: Webs and Apps that provide points for performing tasks

We are talking about sites like AppNana. However, we do not recommend this option as you will never be sure of receiving your rewards. After all, everything depends on a company other than Roblox and especially focused on the United States market.

Method 5: Robux Generators

Not recommended and totally insecure method. You can end your banned account or who knows what else. It is shown that these generators do not work or just try to deceive giving the feeling that Robux is generated.

Method 6: Getting Roblox Gift Cards

Without a doubt, the winning method. These cards are official and we know that they can be redeemed without problems in your Roblox account. Our team has been looking for other websites where you can get these cards and here we will show you the steps you have to follow to get yours. It is very easy and in a few minutes, you will have free robux to redeem in your game account.

Ways to get 100% real free Robux

After knowing the main methods to win Robux for free and real , we would like to say that, as in all freemium games, getting free resources can become complicated if the entire fabric of the game is not known and you have enough contacts ( experienced players who are always very aware of all discounts and promotions).

Roblox is no exception since the currency of this game is essential to progress and succeed in this game. For this reason, the developers of this game have not wanted to make things easy and do not usually reveal so easily the most appropriate procedures to acquire the free robux that is so needed.

Robux Free without hacks

This is something we have always recommended from this website: Try to make progress in Roblox without hacks. This includes not trying to cheat using hacks to have more Robux.

In addition, we have to say that it is not worth it since we ourselves try to access several of these websites that claim to give free robux and we don’t get anything. Simply try to get some economic benefit from you. So you know, you never trust these types of websites.

So, is it possible to get Robux for free in some way?

If possible. If you have read this article you will have noticed that there are several methods to get Robux for free but not all of them work. In this case, we have discovered how to get Robux completely legal and this is through Roblox gift cards.

These gift cards have an amount (10, 25 or 50) dollars or euros (depending on where you are) and serve to add that money to your Roblox account and exchange it for the corresponding Robux. If you want to know how many Robux can be obtained with 10, 25 or 50 dollars, you can look at that information in our article dedicated to the purchase of robux.

On the other hand, these gift cards to get Robux have an economic amount (that is, they must be purchased) but our team has found a way to get these cards for free. 🙂

The websites we found to get free Roblox gift cards

We have been searching among hundreds of websites that claim to offer gift cards for as well as code generators for Roblox, however, we have to tell you that most of these websites do not work and do not give you a valid card code to redeem in the game.

Even so, we continue testing and, in the end, we find a website that does distribute card codes for Roblox for free. This site seems to find Robux cards that have not been used by other users and can be redeemed online without problems.

If you want to know the website, do not hesitate to write to us on our Facebook page so we can check if you are interested in acquiring these cards to get your free robux.

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How to spy on the competition if you make Google Ads?

What does each column of the Auction Comparison mean

When you have an online business it is important to differentiate yourself from the competition with a unique positioning. This happens, for example, with the world’s most famous Cola brands: While Coca-Cola has positioned itself in the public’s mind as a family brand, Pepsi, upon arriving later, had to find a way to be perceived of a different way in front of its main competitor.

👉Brands must learn to differentiate themselves from the competition to succeed

This situation in which there are practically two companies that monopoly logistically controls the market rarely occurs. So if you are in the huge group of companies that must deal with the competition, this post will help you get to know your competition better.

The importance of keywords

Before delving deeper think about those keywords that your potential customer would put in Google if you were to search, hire or buy a service or product like yours, do you already have it? For example, if you have an online florist, some of the interesting keywords for your niche could be:

  • Buy a bouquet of roses
  • Sale of flowers online
  • Sending flowers bouquets at home

These keywords could be closely related to the searches that a potential customer would use to find products in an online store that sells flowers. And, therefore, it is extremely important that we take them into account within our strategy.

Use Google’s search engine to analyze the competition’s Keywords

The first step to spying on your competition is to know what types of ads your competitors are making on the search or display network,  and that is as simple as putting the possible keywords on Google and observing which Google Ads appear first. What are the companies advertised? How are the slogans that your competition uses? What kind of offers stand out?

Clicking on the ads of your competition is not “too honorable”, to call it in some way but it will help you to observe its landing page and analyze them by taking relevant information such as:

  • What structure does this landing page have?
  • What is the main objective of it?
  • Is it a simple product sheet where to buy it or has it taken you to a registration page with the form?
  • What elements stand out on that Landing page?
  • What attracts most of your offer? And what do you like least?
  • What would you improve?

An interesting option is that you do an Excel where you write down all the details of this investigation about your competition. Do not just observe without taking note, since in a few weeks you may not remember it and you will have to work it again.

👉The investigation of the competition will help you to extract inspiring ideas when it comes to improving your own website.

But the thing is not here, do not just spy on your competition from a single device. It is from the mobile, tablet and computer since the design of the landing page change depending on the device.

Spy on your competition with the auction comparison in Google Ads

Once you have clear aspects as important as the budget, study of keywords or KPIs with which you are going to measure your CPC actions, it is time to take action and spy on your competition from the Google Ads platform. For this, you will need an account and an active campaign in Ads.

  • Go to the> Campaign (not ad group) level in the Dark Gray Menu on the left and in the Light Gray Menu click> Keywords. You will see that a tab appears above where it says: Auction Comparison. Click.
  • You will enter a table like the one shown in the image. Let’s analyze it:
How to spy on the competition if you make Google Ads ads

First of all, it is important to be clear that the data that appears in the table are those corresponding to the period of time that you have put on the date (top right) and statistics extracted only from the campaign you have selected.

In the first line, where “User” is indicated, the data corresponding to you will be and in the following lines, you will see the comparison with your main online competitors for that particular campaign.

What does each column of the Auction Comparison mean?

Then I will explain in an easy way the meaning of all the data offered by this table:

Impression Fee

👉 It is the number of impressions your ads have received divided by the estimated number of impressions you could have received.

For you to understand easily, this data shows the percentage of times Google shows your ads and those of your competitors when a user puts one of the keywords for which your ads are activated.

If it puts you 86.56% and your first competitor 55.89%, it does not mean that he invests less than you, or even that his ads come out less than yours, since the competitor may be leaving for other keywords why you don’t go out.

It simply means that because of your keywords, ads from it appear 55.98% of the time and yours more, 86.56%.

Competitors with which you match little appear as <10%. This means that when a user puts one of the keywords for which your ads could appear, this competitor appears less than 10% of the time. Most likely you offer a similar product or service, but your general offer is not the same.

Case study

  • When comparing a campaign of a customer selling “high heels” with its competitors, we saw that Amazon was listed with a lower share of impressions than its own.
  • It does not mean that Amazon invests less than my client, with the million-dollar budgets that Amazon manages that is quite difficult!
  • Simply, Google Ads shows us that, for the keywords of my client’s Search campaign, (“high heels,” “high heels,” “buy high heels,” etc.), our ads appeared more times that Amazon ads that match those terms.
  • Obviously, Amazon has a huge budget for hundreds of terms, since it sells all kinds of products and my client does not.
  • You might think that “Amazon” or companies of that magnitude are not a real competition of your company since you have abysmal differences and in part you are right.
  • It is true that you probably do not share many things (neither in the business model nor in the budget …). But as far as Google campaigns are concerned, if they appear in this list, they are competitors, at least when it comes to advertising for certain keywords.

Middle position

👉It shows us the average ranking of our ads with respect to the ads of our competition.

Overlay Rate

👉Indicate the percentage of your competitors overlapping on you, that is, the frequency with which a competitor ad appears above your ad in the same auction.

Top Positioning Rate

👉This is the percentage by which your competitor’s ads, in the same auction, are shown in a higher position than your ads, when both ads are published at the same time.

Top of page fee

👉This is how often the ads have appeared at the top of the Google search results. Remember that there can be up to 4 positions at the top.

Top of page absolute share

👉Exactly the same as in the previous section, only this time you measure the times that the ads have appeared in the first position.

Top Ranking Fee

👉According to Google Ads, it refers to the percentage of times that your ads have appeared above those of your competitors. Including those times for which your ad has appeared and that of your competitor has not.

In summary

This Google Ads table is extremely useful since you can see the situation of your competitors in relation to one of your search network campaigns.

Although in this example we have compared the URL of the main competitors at the campaign level, I invite you to do the same at the ad group level. This way you can see a more concrete comparison between the results of your ads and those of your competition.

For example, if you see that the average position of one of your competitors is very low (below 4), you can intuit that their CPC (Cost per Click) is quite low as well. And, therefore, your ads do not usually appear at the top of the page when a user searches.

🟢No one said that selling online was easy, but with a well-defined plan the road is paved

Set some guidelines to get to know your direct competition better and work hard to overcome them. Encourage yourself with your research!

🕵️I hope I helped you with this technique to spy on your competition thanks to Google Ads. Did you know her? Leave me your opinion about this article and if you have any tricks, share it with us!

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How to Redeem Code on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch cards

How to Redeem Code on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch cards

Did they just give you an Xbox One card and you don’t know how to redeem it? Check out this guide. We will also tell you how to redeem the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch cards.

How To Redeem an Xbox One Gift Card.

The cards.

To start, you should know that there are two types of cards that you can redeem on your Xbox One. One of them is to hire Xbox Live Gold and the others are to add credit to your account.

With Xbox Live Gold you will not be able to do anything more than obtaining such service. This includes online gaming, as well as a series of free games that Xbox updates every month and in-store discounts. You will also have access to the backward compatibility between Xbox 360 games and your Xbox One.

Xbox Live Gold cards are available in 3 different ways: to hire the service for 1 month, 3 months and 12 months. Those of 1-month cost 139 pesos, those of 3 months, 349 pesos and finally those of 1 year cost 999 pesos. So, in reality, the best option for your pocket is 1 year.

On the other hand, credit cards for the store are available in different quantities, from 200 to 1,000 pesos.

To distinguish them, just look at the Xbox Live Gold text that appears on the cards for that service. In the rest, they are very similar.

By the way, you can buy these cards digitally or physically in stores. Here is the link to buy a digital gift card and here the link for the Xbox Live Gold digital card.

If your card is physical, scratch the space where the code is with a coin.

How to redeem them

There are several ways to do this, here we will tell you how to do it directly on your Xbox One and on your computer.

Using a computer.

  • Go to Xbox.com/Live
  • Log in to the link on the right side of the screen and above.
  • Enter your email from your Xbox account, as well as your password.
  • Once you’re online, you’ll see your Xbox avatar on the upper right side.
  • Click on your avatar and a list of options will appear.
  • Select the redeem code option.
  • You will see a screen to enter the 25 digits of your code. Here you will also see the email of your Xbox Live account. Verify that it is correct before entering your code.
  • Ready!
How To Redeem an Xbox One Gift Card

Next, navigate down with the left stick of the controller and select “Redeem a code.”

Enter the 25-digit code from the gift card, then select “Next.”

redeem your code or gift card

If you want to verify that the credit has been added to your account, go to the Microsoft Account option on your Xbox avatar. Here you will find the Payment and Billing option. Select this option and you will be able to see all the transactions you have made with your account, as well as the credit you just added.

Using an Xbox One

  • Sign in to your Xbox One with the account you want to add credit to.
  • Once inside, scroll right until you find the Microsoft store.
  • Select the option: Use code.
  • Enter the 25-digit code. By the way, you don’t have to add hyphens, just numbers.


Redeem card on PlayStation 4.

The cards.

Like Xbox cards, there are also two types of PlayStation cards. Some for PlayStation Plus and others to add credit to your account and buy games also you can try our free PSN code generator. The bad thing about both is that both have prices in dollars.

The PSN Plus service is similar to the Xbox Live Gold and allows you to play online with friends, receive free games month by month and have access to exclusive discounts. This service has a trial period of 14 days.

PSN Plus cards are available in 3 formats: 1 month ($ 9.99 dollars), 3 months ($ 24.99 dollars) and 12 months ($ 59.99 dollars). Now, you will find the 12-month cards with a price of around 1,200 pesos.

On the other hand, credit cards are available with values ​​from $ 20 dollars up to $ 100 dollars. A $ 50 dollar will cost you like 1,000 pesos.

Unlike those of Xbox, you cannot buy them digitally (at least not directly in the PSN store). However, you can add credit to your PSN account directly with your card or buy your PS Plus subscription.

How to redeem them?

On your computer.

  • Go to Playstation.com/Network
  • Select to access my PSN.
  • Enter the email and password of your PSN ID.
  • Once you enter, click on your avatar on the upper right side.
  • Here go to account settings.
  • A menu with several options will open. Select redeem the prepaid card.
  • On the screen, enter the 12 digits of your card.


By the way, right there in the Purse option, you can see the funds you have in your account.

On your PS4.

  • Log into your PlayStation with the account you want to add the card to.
  • Select the Playstation store icon.
  • In the store menu, choose to redeem codes.
  • Enter the 12 digits of the card.
  • Ready!

Nintendo Switch

The cards.

As for Playstation and Xbox, Nintendo cards also have two formats. Some are the cards for the Nintendo Switch Online subscription and others are for adding credit to your account.

Those of Nintendo Switch Online gives you access to online gaming and a collection of retro Nintendo games (which grows every month). There are for 3 months (which costs 159 pesos) and 12 months (389 pesos).

On the other hand, credit cards in Mexico are available with various prices, but for example, in Gameplanet there are only 200 and 500 pesos. It should be mentioned that the cards that are marked that are for WiiU and 3DS, will also work with your Nintendo Switch.

How to redeem them

  • Turn on your Nintendo Switch.
  • At the bottom, you will find an orange bag-shaped icon. Select it
  • You will be asked to choose the user account. Choose the one you want to add the card to.
  • In the menu on the right side of the store, you will find the Enter code option below.
  • In the menu on the right side of the store, you will find the Enter code option below.
  • Ready!

Final Words

If you’ll find this guide on How to Redeem Code on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch cards useful.

You can share your thoughts within the comment section below and we’ll positively reply inside 12-24 hours. For additional details concerning the redeeming of Gift Codes, or any hassle, you’ll additionally search on Xbox’s facilitate section.

How to create an irresistible SEO strategy for the new Google algorithm

SEO strategy

In its process of constant improvement, Google launched a new update of its central algorithm last June that will change some aspects of your SEO strategy.

This update has brought many professionals from around the world to the head, but above all, businesses that depend directly on organic traffic have been affected.

If your business model is based on traffic quality, this post will be great to minimize, to the extent possible, the impact of the new Google algorithm update.

Google is monopolizing search results

With the new update of its algorithm, Google intends that the best response and option available to the user is the search engine itself. To this end, it has been proposed to monopolize the search results for a given query.

We can see this with the fragments highlighted in the search or even when we search for a specific product with Google Shopping.

Being an informative search, the search engine itself will give us the result even without consulting the post. This way you can reduce the clicks to other websites.

Another trend is that we observe in relation to news from newspapers or media, through the adaptation of content to AMP to achieve better web positioning.

Local companies, products, hotels or flights are also under the control of Google products.

With these examples, you can see how Google has great power over our content, so if you do not want to disappear from the top positions you better know the latest trends and be aware of algorithm changes.

What does Google really want with all this? Its objective is clear and based on offering a better experience in your search results. Google could not guarantee that the user accessing a certain URL is visiting the correct page. That is why he intends to monopolize the SERPs and be the one who gives the most accurate answer.

Surely you already know these actions, but have you stopped to reflect on the great control that Google has over our content?

♻️If we want to position our content, the only alternative we have is to follow the steps of Google

How to resist Google updates?

Below we will see 5 ways to resist updates of Google algorithms so that the websites are less dependent on organic traffic as an exclusive sales or conversion channel.

1-Create Quality content

You have already heard many times talk about the importance of valuable content or how to write effective content for SEO.

If you have experienced variations in organic traffic since June, be calm! The important thing is that you do not change your SEO strategy in Google, or carry out small actions or short-term modifications that may affect your positioning.

For now, the only way we have to overcome the algorithm updates is to bet on a long-term strategy focused on offering quality content that provides a quality experience for the user.

2-Long-term focused strategy vs. short-term tactics

It is easy to talk about how to develop an ideal SEO strategy to overcome the latest algorithm updates, although the practice is different and each niche is a world. Therefore, you must answer some of these questions, since they will be essential to approach a strategy correctly:

  • How to guide the user’s search intention?
  • How to reduce dependence on organic traffic and increase other sources?
  • How is my website built and what is its structure of external and internal links?

3-Be selective when choosing who you work with

Leaving aside the algorithm and looking at things from a more human perspective, it is very important to look carefully at the companies where we are going to work or the businesses with which we are going to establish contact.

Whether you are looking for new job opportunities in companies, agencies, hiring people or freelance professionals you must address some of the following issues:

  • What dependence does the business have on the main source of income? (Ex: the business that depends solely on organic traffic)
  • Is the main source of business income volatile?
  • Is the company open to implementing new ideas or correct errors in an increasingly changing environment?
  • Does the company have a vision focused on the long term? Will your web pages provide value in the immediate future?

In short, we have to take more into account the companies we work with and do a little research before getting involved in a project, where the objectives of the SEO expert have to be in line with the rest of the departments.

3-Build a brand and create value relationships

♻️Not only can you base the strategy and competitive advantage of a project on SEO traffic

As important as good positioning, it is to work the brand value. For this, it is always convenient to carry out lead nurturing actions by investing time and resources in encouraging all those visitors from organic traffic to become recurring users and trust our brand.

In this way, you will take advantage of the potential of search engine positioning, you will also get your brand to become known and look for you for it.

5-Interdepartmental collaboration

SEO should not be interpreted as an isolated discipline independent of the other functions of digital marketing.

It is increasingly important to connect it with the rest of the tools we have to develop an online strategy.

♻️ SEO has to be connected with the strategy in SEM, UX, CRO or even PR

In short, what it is about is creating successful websites where the different departments and personnel involved work in the same direction so that the great beneficiary is the user and the organization.


In summary to these tips to resist updates of the Google algorithm, we could say that the strategy of any company should focus on a long-term planning oriented approach.

We also have to keep in mind that the basis of the SEO strategy in Google or any other search engine, can not focus exclusively on organic traffic, but we must structure a business model based on promoting brand and work values interdepartmental to achieve the objectives.

10 Tips to increase the conversions of your PPC ads on mobile

10 Tips to increase the conversions of your PPC ads on mobile

For those of us who are dedicated to Digital Marketing and SEM in particular, there are some basic guidelines to keep in mind when placing online advertisements. In this post, we share some tips to optimize your strategy with ads that pay for each click (PPC in English Paid Per Click).

Key differences between mobile PPC and desktop viewing

Since we were offered the possibility of viewing the online desktop version in a “different” way compared to the mobile version, there have been many tasks associated with this double work.

The PPC campaigns we refer to are based on what we apply to Google Ads, but the tips for the rest of the platforms are good.

The fundamental difference of PPC ads between mobile and desktop is in the width of the screen, which is what mainly defines how much text (characters) we have to “sell” our pay per click ad.

The Key: the customization of the two types of PPC

cpc google

When you go to place an ad, it is important to put ourselves in the user’s skin, think like him. What would you like to find on your smartphone, when you are looking for a restaurant? You might want it to be near your location.

And when you are looking for a physiotherapy service? In addition to the situation, you would like a phone to make an appointment as soon as possible. And for an express purchase? Perhaps the best promotion is the one that would attract your attention.

All these actions are done from the mobile phone. Therefore, the basis for making PPC ads, both desktop and mobile, will be the personalization between what the customer has to sell and what the user is looking for.

Google Ads lets us introduce a mobile URL to offer the user landing pages fully adapted to the device

1-A headline to capture user attention

The headline is the first thing that will impact the user. You have less than 3 seconds to get their attention, according to recent studies of mobile phone consumers. In this first line you must: attract and inform equally of your product or service.

Some examples:

  • Find us right here
  • Buy it very close!
  • Free appointment without obligation
  • Free call Contact us!

In this headline the keyword is crucial, then you can measure how your campaign is working and you can modify it, do A / B Test and go testing which headline converts best.

2-Benefits of the descriptions

A mistake we usually make is to try to keep getting the attention of our potential clients in this text. The only condition is that it is a precisely descriptive text, a short message extolling the main uses of your product or the main advantage of your service.

Remember as advice “if it is not descriptive, do not write it here” because you have extensions for it, see them later.

If you are interested in selling through social networks in this other post we leave you a few secrets to make cash: ” Social Selling: 8 actions to boost your sales .”


Call to Action or Call to Action, with the mobile device they charge another type of relevance because if they can call you at the moment you can also activate the call extension or even have a call-only announcement.

Some examples to give you an idea:

  • Call now and ask for your appointment.
  • Visit us we are very close.
  • Listen to the podcast now
  • Request now from your mobile
  • Subscribe in one click
  • Download the mobile app
  • FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions

4-Call extension

A button that when pressed makes the call, simple, powerful and effective. The same goes for visiting the website of the company, you can customize and shorten the URL, we explain a little below.

5-Call-only ads?

The extension should not be confused with call-only ads, as you can see for the user on the smartphone they are very different. The latter will be ideal when the client does not have a website or not very well optimized to sell products or services.

We recommend that the text message be short so that the lines do not become long paragraphs on the screens of small mobile devices. The CTA should encourage the user to make a phone call (for example, “talk directly to us!”).

6-Links to the website

As we anticipated in point 4, there are also links to websites that can be customized having prepared in advance a specific landing page to sell and optimized for mobile devices. As the link can also be customized we leave you some examples:

  • Store Locator
  • Latest Store Offers
  • Hours and addresses
  • Prices and offers

7-PROMOTION Extensions

Is your customer’s product or service on sale? Cool! There is a very privileged place within the mobile PPC ads for this, with a prominent tag icon that reminds us of the promotion, offer or discount.

The extensions promotion can be configured by changing the mobile device preference (advanced options).

8-Message extensions

It may be one of the most underused extensions, it consists of programming a series of messages that answer themselves when a user asks them a question.

A great potential that small and medium businesses can take advantage of to answer the user’s small questions through a text message or an email.

9-Location (GMB)

I have put in brackets GMB, the acronym for Google My Business, a fundamental tool for companies and even more for those who perform services in the location itself. Your information essentials tell the user everything:

  • Distance to which the user is
  • Street name, number and district or neighborhood
  • Opening and closing hours

With a simple touch to the GMB icon, the user will know everything you explain about your company on this platform. Simple, right?

10-UX: user experience Outstanding!

Do you still think about buying from the desktop computer to see all the options that the company offers you? Every day we are more adapted to the mobile, and losing the opportunity to buy some great boots in Zara for being late home is not an option for the user.

More and more companies today invest in the user experience, that is, to facilitate as much as possible the purchase from the thumb.

We advise you as a very intuitive resource for the user, a private login area, where you can add the products or services and later, you can check them, look at the reviews and buy from the desktop computer. A company that performs this kind of advice very well is Amazon.

Personalization is the key to offering the user precisely what they are looking for, within reach with a couple of clicks. Therefore, the task of the SEM Manager will be more precise every day and will require you to know all the user profiles to which you intend to sell your client’s products and services.

Earn Free Google Play Codes & Credit in 2019

google play promo codes

There are millions of apps in the Google Play Store, probably a lot more than Apple’s iTunes Store. But the dilemma is that while many of them are free, useful apps and the best games are paid for. In this guide, we’ll show you ways to get free codes from Google Play without any major problems.

Free ones offer basic functionality, but if you pay for the in-app purchase, you can unlock premium features. The app charge can easily be added to your monthly invoice, making it more convenient, but the amount soon becomes higher than you want to pay. It’s entirely justifiable for developers to charge for their apps, but what if you can’t spend a lot of digital products! Lucky for you, there is a way to avoid most of these charges, by getting free Google Play gift cards that you can use to spend on the best apps and games.

What Are Google Play Gift Card Codes And How Do They Work?

Google Play, powered by Google, is an online marketplace for Android users. Under the Google Play banner, Google offers Google Play Movies & TV , Google Play Music, Google Play Books, Google Play Games, and Newsstand. The app store provides music, books, games, movies, and television shows to its users. The Google Play app offers users millions of songs, movies, TV shows, books, etc. People of all ages would love to access this library online. However, Google has some restrictions that do not allow underage users to access Google Wallet.. If you can’t buy gift cards now, we have free Google Play gift cards for you. These gift cards give you access to a whole new digital experience; nothing will stop you! While most retailers and websites sell gift cards starting at $ 10, $ 20, or $ 25 with our Generator, you can get free gift cards from Google Play.

You may or may not have discovered Google Play gift cards, but they are mainly for buying most things on the Google Play Store, including Movies, Books, and Music as well. When you have enough gift card credits, you can use them to buy apps or unlock premium uses. You can use them as gifts to your friends and family as gifts on various occasions. Unlike other gift cards, Google Play codes never expire, so you can save them until you want to buy an app or as many expensive games as you want. You can buy Google Play gift cards online, but it requires you to pay with your credit card, which requires personal information.

How To Get Free Google Play Codes?

We understand that no one likes to pay for apps (as long as it’s physical), but what if you could get free gift cards from Google Play. You can earn credits as a reward or a bonus for doing various tasks or things.

How To Redeem Gift Card Codes?

You can redeem your Google Play gift card codes using the simple and easy steps below:

  • Step 1: Open the Play Store app if you want to use your gift card on an Android device.
  • Step 2: Go to Menu and click Redeem.
  • Step 3: When the window opens, enter the code and click Use.
  • Step 4: Make sure the procedure is complete, check your account balance in the payment section.

Free Google Play Code List 2019 (Updated Weekly)

Free Google Play code list 2019. Find the Google Play redemption codes for your purchase on the Google Play store from the list below. List of free Google Play gift card codes generated using this Generator:

👉Downlode 100 Google Play Gift Card Codes

You can generate unlimited codes using our Generator.

Our Google Play Gift Card Generator will help you generate unlimited free Google Play codes without any verification. This Generator produces free Google Play codes online and is easy to use. The best thing about this generator is that it does not require completing any research like other generators. Thanks to the well-experienced team of developers. See what you can buy with your Google Play balance in your country using this link. The Google Play Gift Card Generator works with a very powerful yet straightforward algorithm that generates free Google Play codes.

How To Generate Free Codes Using A Generator?

There is no need for any technical knowledge to use this Generator. Follow the simple steps below to generate your free Google Play codes.

  • Step 1: Go to Google Play Gift Card Generator.
  • Step 2 : Select your device.
  • Step 3: Click the Generate Now button.
  • Step 4: Within a few seconds, a free, unique Google Play gift code will be generated for you.

Google Opinion Rewards

One of the best and most popular ways to get free codes from Google Play is to Google provide them to you. When you sign up for Google Opinion Rewards, all you have to do is complete and complete all surveys submitted by the Google research team. You can download the Google Opinion Rewards app from Google Play for Android as well as the App Store for iOS devices. You will instantly receive credits for each completed survey, allowing you to earn up to $ 1 in the completed survey.

You can earn multiple surveys per week, and chances are you will receive only one survey weekly. It just depends on how many surveys are available to fill out each week. Because Google creates surveys in partnership with third parties, most will be different from surveys and comments received by other sites. Google Opinion Rewards surveys can even ask for your opinion on your favorite logo designs from two different design sets, or your opinion on a particular politician and your favorite soft drink brand. There are other safe methods for freeing Google Play credit when downloading featured apps and games. However, Google Play. You can also try other methods that depend on downloading apps, games, or watching videos.

Feature Points

With FeaturePoints, you can easily earn points by downloading free apps and testing for a minute or more. Featured apps change regularly and can be games, books, music, or the latest messaging app. It is also interesting to earn points by watching videos. Points can be redeemed for Google Play credits, paid apps, or online gift cards. For Google Play gift card codes, you usually need to earn enough points for a $ 10 or $ 15 gift card value. You can increase the point collection process by referring to your friends. FeaturePoints will award you 50% of the total points earned!


InstaGC for instant gift cards offers a little more flexibility in getting free gift cards from Google Play. They will award you points when you complete different surveys, watch online videos, shop with sponsored partners, or search the web.

You will also earn 10 bonus points just for signing up, and 100 points is $ 1 worth of gift cards from Google Play Occasionally, there are even more bonus point opportunities, such as testing a product, listening to music, and also visiting featured partner sites. Google Play gift card codes are available for $ 10, $ 15, and $ 25, which means you’ll need 1,000 to 2,500 points to earn a gift card. Also, if you refer to each of your friends.

Tap Cash Rewards

Tap Cash Rewards is another service that allows you to earn points that can be redeemed for Google Play gift cards. Whenever you download free apps, play games and watch videos. You will also receive a bonus credit each day you log in to earn cash prizes. You can also earn VIP status by linking your Facebook account to the app. I forgot to mention that it is an application-based service.

And you install it on your Android smartphone to earn free credits on google play anywhere. Like other apps listed on the page, you can also receive a referral bonus of around 100 points for each friend who signs up for extra credits. Unlike other apps, Tap Cash Rewards requires 1000 points for every € 1, so it would take more tasks to earn a $ 10 gift card on Google Play. However, the application is reliable and provides points every time you log in, even if you do a task or not.

Buy A Chromecast Device

As already mentioned, Google offers you a free Google Play gift card when you buy a Chromecast device. Also, you can register your Chromecast device and check if you are eligible or not. The value of Google Play reward codes may vary. You can earn $ 5 or up to $ 25 in credits. Google also makes it possible to earn credits for each registered device. You can also see available offers by clicking the Google Home button on your device as well. The most recent offer is a total of $ 6 for each device you own. You can get it by signing up for Chromecast offers.

WHAFF Rewards (Android App)

Last but not least, another legitimate way to earn free Google Play codes is through WHAFF Rewards. You are required to link your Facebook account to WHAFF Rewards to continue. Once your account is signed in, you can start earning points by downloading featured apps and games. If you keep apps on your smartphone for a long time, you can also earn additional points. Reward options range from Google Play credits to Facebook money, PlayStation Codes, and even cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Gift Box (Android App)

One of the top-rated apps to earn free Google Play codes is Gift Box. It has a 4.7-star rating with approximately 69,965 reviews, and you can earn rewards by downloading featured apps, playing games, watching videos, inviting friends to register and access the app every day. There are several tasks each day that allows you to get more points and they also host a wheel of fortune to earn an even more significant reward.

JunoWallet (Android App)

JunoWallet is a great app for you to earn Google Play credits. You can earn points using the same methods as other sites and apps mentioned, such as downloading featured apps and games, completing surveys, or watching videos. What makes the JunoWallet app unique is that you can also make money by making calls and capturing mysterious rewards. If you earn a mysterious reward, you need to open it quickly as it disappears within 10 seconds.

One of the secrets to earning extra points with JunoWallet is to refer your friends and family. Many apps mentioned here have a referral reward bonus for a friend. However, JunoWallet offers rewards on a tiered basis. The more people you refer and they actively play in JunoWallet, The more points you get. JunoWallet also offers flexible reward point options. You can redeem your credits for Google Play gift card codes or you can also use points to participate in JunoRewards raffles. Trading your points for online or retail gift cards is also an option if you’re not interested in Google Play credits.

Register Your Samsung Device

If you don’t know that Google also offers a free Google gift card every time you buy Google devices, such as Pixel or Google Home, Samsung currently offers a free Google Play gift card with their devices. For certain devices, you can receive up to a free $ 25 Google Play gift card. This is a great deal since you didn’t know about this offer before. To check if you qualify for any of the current offers, register your Samsung device now!


FreeMyApps is the most critically acclaimed app in this category as it allows you to earn bonus points for downloading sponsored apps and games like any other standard service. But you can make more points by referring friends and taking part in social media contests. Here is the unique feature in which the app excels.

FreeMyApps also offers reward points for watching YouTube videos as well. In addition, FreeMyApps claims to distribute over $ 27 million in gift cards among its users in exchange for free Google Play codes and game currencies. If you have a few more then you can donate your points to charity as well.


The Internet community loves Swagbucks. It’s one of the biggest and most popular award portals on the web, and you can earn points by doing research, watching videos, playing games, or even browsing the Internet and your favorite online purchases. Swagbucks is on the market because it’s one of several ways to get a free Google Play gift card without using a smartphone app. While there are several different redemption options at Swagbucks Bounty Store, you can redeem Google Play gift card codes (currently) is a $ 50 card that costs 5,000 points.


Another successful app for getting free Google Play credits is AppNana. It is a fairly simple app where you can earn nanas (points) to download other featured apps and games. AppNana will give you around 400 points per day for signing in to your account. You can earn nanas by playing your favorite games like Candy Crush or even something as simple as downloading the Facebook app. You can use Nana reward points to redeem gift cards from Google Play, iTunes , Amazon, and Xbox as well. A second option to redeem your point is to use your gift cards to purchase paid apps from the AppNana Store itself.


Formerly known as Cubic Reward, Cubicer lets you earn free Google Play gift cards using apps and games. You can earn additional points by referring your friends via social media. In addition to Google Play credits, Cubic also allows you to redeem the point as PayPal balance.

Final Thoughts Play Code

Google is not just a popular search engine that allows us to search for content or images. The Mountain View company has tailored some unique features and tricks in it, which you will surely appreciate.

The Internet is full of ways that claim you can get a free Google Play gift card using credit multipliers and hacking codes. There are even complete and detailed guides on how to get free gift cards from Google Play, but eventually, they are all scams.

If you want to receive Google Play credits by doing some tasks, it’s a lot like “Free.” Then you need to follow the methods provided in the list. All it requires is some free time, a PC, your Smartphone, and a good Internet connection.

How To Get Free Netflix Gift Cards


Netflix is ​​an online platform for your multimedia content entertainment, in which through a streaming service you can watch a large catalog of movies, series and documentaries unlimited.


We tell you about the most popular platform in recent years, with the largest catalog in the best video and audio quality. Netflix offers multi-device support to enjoy content computers, tablets, smartphones among others. We are in more than 190 countries.

Netflix users can decide what multimedia content they want to watch and at any time they want, without interruption or annoying advertising.


THE NEW: we present you the new Netflix gift cards to recharge your account and enjoy your on-demand television service. In this way, we add a new form of payment for the service, all this to make your training easier to access, you will no longer need a credit card, payment gateways such as PayPal or paid subscription on Google Play or iTunes.

If you received a free Netflix gift cards if you bought it for yourself for other reasons (for example, to pay cash or if you have difficulty shopping online).


There are many codes for efficient free Netflix gift cards to make it easier for the user to use the accounts, it is not mandatory to use them, but if you are a curious person and you like to have things in a different way from the rest, surely these codes are what you are looking, it is confirmed that they will make you look original.

Here you will learn to use the gift cards, it is a fairly simple process, it will take you a short time with a couple of minutes will be enough


The gift cards Netflix may be physical or virtual, so you’ll receive a PIN code. If it is a virtual card, you will receive that PIN code by e-mail, while in the physical cards you will have to scratch it with a currency to be able to read it. The code usually consists of eleven digits that can be numbers or letters.

The code generators for Netflix accounts have recently expanded worldwide through the networks, being very helpful to people who want to raise the service to a different and prominent point, because not all users of Netflix accounts have They like the modalities that codes offer through them. The codes come in free Netflix gift cards themselves and have different functions.


When we talk about a free Netflix code we mean not having the need to invest money in a gift card to give us the possibility to obtain the code. This is a certain way is a very effective option for people with few resources who wish to enjoy better service, and efficiently watch the series and movies with better quality and visual audio volume.


THE ECI GIFT CARD CAN BE CHANGED BY MONEY? This is very easy to obtain physically in any store that promotes marketing sales because Netflix is ​​also associated and enters the group of this business platform mentioned above. You only have to:

  • Scrape the PIN code
  • Add the code
  • Login or create a new account
  • Confirm your choice
  • Enjoy the services!


Now you have to keep in mind that Netflix gift cards are not compatible with users who are subscribed through Google Play or iTunes.

If this is your case, you must first cancel your subscription on Google Play or iTunes, and then add the gift card. Once the credit is consumed, you subscribe again.


Where do I find free Netflix gift cards? They are available for sale in large stores with different values, for example, 15, 25 or 50. This payment will be added to your account which will be consumed according to your current plan. Either the most basic version or the Premium version.

It is not very common to get free Netflix accounts at this time, but surely some hidden codes on the web can help you overcome that test, because there are codes with various functionalities, and among them are also free Netflix accounts and others that Surely you may also be interested.


When we refer to creating a free account in username and password, we may mean only the first month (if you do not have an effective code available that provides what is required to obtain this free service completely).

Netflix itself is the most extensive digital platform in the world if we refer to platforms based on movies and series of better quality. Therefore, it is not common to get free accounts except as referred by Netflix staff and your account is one of the least common but with the highest quality services.

If you were lucky enough to get a free Netflix account it should be:

PIRATEADA:  That is, it is not the original account or platform, it is a cheap copy in which it is not necessary to pay a penny for the fact that you do not see the broadcasts in real-time. Surely now you watch movies and series from 3 months ago or more (it’s just a guess)


When we talk about a free Netflix account and at the same time active with the transmission at the moment, that is, to see it in real-time, we will surely talk about people associated with the Netflix digital platform in a very strong way, of such magnitude that it is not necessary Pay to enjoy their services for the fact that the association does not charge you a penny of your own free will.


It is not so common that this happens in Netflix accounts, but if it is for sure it is because.

  • TREATMENTS WITH THE COMPANY:  This is a feasible option to have your account in good condition and with the best transmissions available within reach of your television, then, when reaching an agreement with the Netflix company if you have a company of any product that is of Netflix insurance interest will make an agreement with you and you will have no reason or reason to pay a peso for your services.
  • NEARBY FRIENDS:  If you have a close friend who promotes contact with this insurance company, it will not be difficult for you to convert your paid account into a free Netflix account.

These are the most common options in these cases of free Netflix accounts.


The option to follow to have a free Netflix account forever and for all eternity while the new generations pass, is simple, only for those who have a company in which they promote an article of value and much interest. They can reach an agreement and thus be able to enjoy their services without worrying about having to pay your Netflix account and that of your relatives for a long time (literally).


Netflix is ​​a worldwide company that has been responsible for promoting distraction in more than thousands of people in the outside world, because, despite being a very basic account, it looked for and found a way to establish contact with the best quality movies in audio and video without having gone out to the cinema. That is, this is where the best-themed films are created, and therefore, it is a platform with so much value on the web.


Please click allow to verify your identity.