6 Methods to Get Free Robux in 2019 (UPDATED)

Having free robux in Roblox is not always an easy task. We know how complicated it is to progress in the game if you lack Robux or have very few. For that reason, we have compiled a series of tips and tutorials on how to get free robux legally.

Many players are curious about how to obtain the necessary resources to progress in the game. And you will wonder why legally? Because Roblox is one of the best known online gaming platforms, you should know that there are many websites that inform about tricks and hacks to get unlimited resources but we will tell you, of course, most of the time, these tricks do not work.

Methods to have Robux in Roblox

The best way to get your free Robux is by following certain tips that we will show you below. This way you will be calm to know that you will never damage your Roblox account.


In addition, you should know that the developers of this game have security systems to control every account in the game. For that reason, you can end your banned account if you try to use tricks to get Robux without paying.

That said, there are several ways to get resources in Roblox. These are:

  • 📌 Become a member of the Builder’s Club. Even so, this method is not completely free.
  • 📌 Buy the Robux. Obviously, this form is not free but, in case you need Robux immediately, this is the best option.
  • 📌 Sell ​​your items. However, only if you are a Builder’s Club member can you sell items, especially those that have the limited edition label.
  • 📌 Through websites that giveRobux in exchange for completing small tasks(it can be downloading an application, filling out a small survey, etc.)
  • 📌 Through Robux generators. Not recommended since they do not work. Most Robux generators do not end up giving the requested resources.
  • 📌 Acquiringgift cards for Robloxredeemable in the game. Without a doubt, the best option of all. Later we will explain how to get them and use them in the game.

Method 1: Subscribe to the Builder’s Club

The Builders Club (BC) is a premium membership that offers users some additional privileges that cannot be earned by normal users, such as the daily robux stipend or the ability to make shirts and pants. These elements allow much greater customization of the avatars of the users and their interactive creations.


Prices may vary respectively from 1000 Robux for $ 9.95 USD to 6000 Robux for $ 49.95 USD. Although it is a subscription and, therefore, it is not a free method to get Robux, it is honestly a very advisable option since, depending on the subscription you choose, you can receive between 15 and 60 Robux daily. Not bad, right?


Method 2: Buy Robux in the official store

Little more to say. If you have finally decided to buy Robux directly, you can visit our article on how to buy Robux to have more information about it.

Method 3: Sell ​​your creations and products

If you are skilled at creating shirts or pants with very attractive designs, you can sell them in the game and get rewards in the form of robux. Keep in mind that it is not easy to sell products since there is a lot of competition from users who create really beautiful designs. Even so, don’t be discouraged and try to make an effort to create your accessories.

Method 4: Webs and Apps that provide points for performing tasks

We are talking about sites like AppNana. However, we do not recommend this option as you will never be sure of receiving your rewards. After all, everything depends on a company other than Roblox and especially focused on the United States market.

Method 5: Robux Generators

Not recommended and totally insecure method. You can end your banned account or who knows what else. It is shown that these generators do not work or just try to deceive giving the feeling that Robux is generated.

Method 6: Getting Roblox Gift Cards

Without a doubt, the winning method. These cards are official and we know that they can be redeemed without problems in your Roblox account. Our team has been looking for other websites where you can get these cards and here we will show you the steps you have to follow to get yours. It is very easy and in a few minutes, you will have free robux to redeem in your game account.

Ways to get 100% real free Robux

After knowing the main methods to win Robux for free and real , we would like to say that, as in all freemium games, getting free resources can become complicated if the entire fabric of the game is not known and you have enough contacts ( experienced players who are always very aware of all discounts and promotions).

Roblox is no exception since the currency of this game is essential to progress and succeed in this game. For this reason, the developers of this game have not wanted to make things easy and do not usually reveal so easily the most appropriate procedures to acquire the free robux that is so needed.

Robux Free without hacks

This is something we have always recommended from this website: Try to make progress in Roblox without hacks. This includes not trying to cheat using hacks to have more Robux.

In addition, we have to say that it is not worth it since we ourselves try to access several of these websites that claim to give free robux and we don’t get anything. Simply try to get some economic benefit from you. So you know, you never trust these types of websites.

So, is it possible to get Robux for free in some way?

If possible. If you have read this article you will have noticed that there are several methods to get Robux for free but not all of them work. In this case, we have discovered how to get Robux completely legal and this is through Roblox gift cards.

These gift cards have an amount (10, 25 or 50) dollars or euros (depending on where you are) and serve to add that money to your Roblox account and exchange it for the corresponding Robux. If you want to know how many Robux can be obtained with 10, 25 or 50 dollars, you can look at that information in our article dedicated to the purchase of robux.

On the other hand, these gift cards to get Robux have an economic amount (that is, they must be purchased) but our team has found a way to get these cards for free. 🙂

The websites we found to get free Roblox gift cards

We have been searching among hundreds of websites that claim to offer gift cards for as well as code generators for Roblox, however, we have to tell you that most of these websites do not work and do not give you a valid card code to redeem in the game.

Even so, we continue testing and, in the end, we find a website that does distribute card codes for Roblox for free. This site seems to find Robux cards that have not been used by other users and can be redeemed online without problems.

If you want to know the website, do not hesitate to write to us on our Facebook page so we can check if you are interested in acquiring these cards to get your free robux.

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