12 anti-inflammatory foods with many very rare benefits for your

12 Anti-Inflammatory Foods With Many Very Rare Benefits For Your Health

To help your body prevent chronic diseases, we share the following best of anti-inflammatory foods list:

1) Chocolate

Make sure it’s dark chocolate. The classic bar that is used for a tasty and hot drink that falls so well on cold days. It may seem a bit more bitter than the usual chocolate that children consume as a treat, but milk chocolate has more sugar, dark chocolate is better.

Dark chocolate is -also known as “black” ─ contains antioxidants (polyphenols), which create a kind of protective membrane in your stomach preventing gastritis. It is a great agent that takes care of your body’s well-being against overly acidic foods.


Because dark chocolate contains more antioxidants than fruits, it acts as a very powerful anti-inflammatory foods. It is used to combat harmful bacteria that attack the intestine and are responsible for generating infections, foul gases, diarrhea, swelling, and constipation.

Dark or dark chocolate is made with 70% cocoa, which is the main element that contains the antioxidants that your body needs so that no inflammation originates.

It is recommended to eat at least 6 grams of chocolate a day so that your stomach is well protected. And although it seems very peculiar, doctors know its benefits but ignore the exact reason why it is so healthy for your digestive system.

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2) Berries and Red Fruits

Berries or red fruits (“berries”, is the English term), includes blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, currants, blackthorn, and other no less healthy species.

This whole group of fruits has a lot of antioxidants that work as an anti-inflammatory foods in the digestive system. You can consume them as jams, preserves, desserts or so directly as they are delicious. We also suggest you include them without any prior processing, as companions of your favorite cereal.

Berries and Red Fruits

Since these berries contain antioxidants, you metabolize the fats of certain products such as red meat and thus prevent their accumulation in your stomach, thus protecting it against the threat of gastritis.

You should not forget that these fruits can also be ingested as juices or in the form of exquisite liquors since their vitamins help to improve the intestinal route of other less light and easy to process foods by your body. They avoid all kinds of gastrointestinal problems and help keep infections from your urinary tract away.

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3) Almonds

It is best to eat Almendros after each meal. If you include only 4 almonds in your diet, after each meal, your stomach will be protected against inflammation. We also recommend as part of your diet, almond milk since its sugar content is very low and rich in fiber.

To obtain the almond milk the process is very simple: you just have to grind the almonds (without a shell, of course), and once crushed very finely, they are mixed with water. Help your body because besides being nutritious it is very light. It is widely used in hospitals to offer it to patients in the postoperative period with surgeries in the central area.


Because of the amount of fiber that the almonds house, they serve to protect the internal stomach walls as well as the intestinal ducts. Its consumption reduces hunger between meals which helps to maintain an adequate flow of food through the digestive system.

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4) Corn and wheat tortillas

To remove once and for all of your head, that myth or belief that corn or wheat tortillas get fat, we will let you know here with all their letters: it is not true that when you consume them you gain weight. What makes you fat is what you eat accompanying your menu foods with tortillas.

If you eat tortillas with fatty meat (with spicy sauce by addition), of course, you will not only gain weight but also expose yourself to damage the walls of your stomach by the lipids of your food. Surely the threat of gastritis will be present causing severe inflammation in case of abusing red meat.

Corn and wheat tortillas

But if your tortilla contains ingredients like avocado, beans or vegetables; The results will give you great approval. Not only will you keep obesity away, but your stomach will be properly protected against gastritis.

If you have a preference for corn tortillas, we suggest that which is made with 65% grain and 35% ground cornmeal (if it is by hand better than that obtained by machine), water and lime.

If you prefer the wheat tortilla, it is best to eat the one prepared with ground wheat and vegetable oil, since it is healthier for your stomach than the one that uses lard.

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5) Mushrooms

As with almost all foods, its effect for or against the health of the body depends on the way it is prepared. If you prepare baked mushrooms stuffed with serrano ham or cheese, they will surely affect the internal mucosa of your stomach causing gastritis.

If you prepare them in broth, in a salad or boiled, their effect will be the opposite. They will protect your digestive system by preventing inflammation of your stomach viscera. With the consumption of mushrooms, fungi, and mushrooms anti-inflammatory foods’ effects are achieved and protect the stomach and intestine from possible injuries and infections.



There are countless ways to prepare mushrooms in such a way that they are healthy to protect the stomach. They can be prepared directly on the grill, their leading role as the main ingredient of a vegetarian pizza makes them very succulent. We don’t need to remind you that they are an excellent company in salads and broths.

Suggesting that they go on the list of your diet is more than prudent advice. It is almost a medical prescription so that the health of your stomach is fully assured. Consume them regularly without the addition of other fatty products; in the most natural way possible.

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6. Beans

Whether they are pinto or black, the beans are great to protect the internal mucosa of the stomach preventing it from suffering some type of inflammation. The main elements that compose it as vitamins K and B, in addition to minerals, make beans an excellent product to take care of the health of the stomach avoiding gastritis.

Beans also contain antioxidants such as polyphenols and rich minerals such as magnesium and potassium that reduce the ravages of an inflamed stomach inside. Maintaining magnesium levels is crucial for the stomach region to remain healthy, and beans collaborate to achieve that goal.


They have the property of making reversible – if consumed at least twice a week – damage caused to the internal mucosa of the stomach. As good legumes they are, beans make enough for your body to recover some of that energy that has been lost because of gastritis.

By consuming them you increase the level of your vegetable fiber and this helps you to make lighter and more effective digestions. Eat them with other low-fat foods and you will see that your body will respond surprisingly to this leguminous regimen.

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7. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a food that can do great things for your stomach avoiding gastritis. It provides great benefits to your body since it is easy to digest: the food bolus that forms oats is so small and compact that its passage through the stomach and intestinal canal is almost imperceptible. Being easy to digest, acid production is significantly discouraged.

Oatmeal contains multiple nutrients and antioxidants that promote the health of the mucosa that surrounds the stomach. A sign that you are doing your digestive work is when you notice the absence of reflux and burning in the digestive system.


An excellent combination that we suggest for your diet in order to keep gastritis at bay, is oatmeal with almond milk.

Even gradually, oatmeal will make the medications you eat to reduce your digestive system disorders also disappear from your medicine cabinet. The day will come when you won’t need them.

Oatmeal will keep your stomach healthy and eradicate those disorders that do not allow you to lead a normal life or at least without so many ailments. Incorporate oatmeal into your diet and you will feel much better.

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8) Brown rice

The consumption of brown rice can do a lot for your health. Keeps your body in optimal conditions and your stomach will not have inflammation problems leaving behind any threat of gastritis. It is a much better alternative than white rice.

Brown rice can bring you two huge benefits. The first is that it creates a kind of protective membrane on the walls of your stomach, avoiding mucosal wear that in theory should always remain there to safeguard your digestive system and its functions.

Brown rice

The second gift that brown rice has is that it makes your food bolus contract and its passage through the bowel tunnel is much easier and more fluid. That virtue causes the acidity to be practically null and the task of the stomach will be as simple as possible.

We recommend the weekly intake, at least, of a serving of brown rice so that the foods that populate your table keep you healthy as well as your stomach.

9. Corn flakes

Cornflakes are a tasty and healthy option so that your stomach does not suffer the ravages of gastritis. It does not contain that sticky substance and that to some seems intolerant, called gluten. Therefore, corn flakes are an excellent option to consider in your diet.

They contain a large number of fibers, which are not easy to generate when you suffer from gastritis, but the leaflets help you compensate for that lack in a more than generous way.

Corn flakes

Because the flakes produce quite noticeably, the sensation of hunger in the stomach, your food consumption usually decreases with the corresponding decrease in the preparation of acids for the digestive process.

The same sensation of keeping you sated when it comes to food, will cause you not to consume other products not recommended between one meal and another, such as sweets, fried foods or various snacks. Corn flakes can achieve a lot for the health of your stomach.

10. Buckwheat

Buckwheat is actually a seed and not a cereal or grain. But its uses are practically the same as well as its benefits and support for body health. Its high content of vegetable fiber makes it a great ally in the fight against substances that cause stomach inflammation and gastritis.

It completely lacks gluten and is very nutritious. It can open new horizons if you are looking for food that is a bit out of the ordinary. Its high magnesium content makes it an ideal alternative to counteract the effects of acidity caused by certain foods during digestion.


Its consumption helps fight stomach inflammation naturally. We recommend that you consume it at least once a week. You can eat it as a main dish or as a complement to another dish or salad. In addition to its delicious taste, it is very nutritious, not to mention the beneficial effects that your digestive system receives.

11. Aloe

Surely you have often heard the term “Aloe Vera”, well, when someone mentions it does not refer to anything other than aloe. This plant is composed of many beneficial and healing elements for your body. It has vitamins, minerals, and folic acid.

Given the many uses that have been found many consider this plant, something like a wonder. However, what is worth mentioning is that it is a powerful anti-inflammatory foods stomach. Fights stomach disorders caused by gastritis more than effectively.


It greatly helps the regeneration of important stomach tissues as well as its internal mucosa; So it is a great help to cure the ailments and disorders of gastritis.

By ingesting aloe, you decrease the effects of acidity caused by undesirable foods more than noticeably. Aloe Vera also contains amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that keep the stomach in a more than healthy state.

The best and most recommended way to ingest aloe is in the form of juice, although its slightly viscous appearance is not very pleasant; but the stomach will be very grateful because you provide a substance so full of healthy and beneficial things so that the body works better. It can be combined with papaya since this fruit also contributes favorably with digestive processes.

12. Sodium bicarbonate

He is a heartburn fighter par excellence. They contain many alkaline attributes and by means of them, they not only control acidity but keep it at adequate or normal levels.

Eliminates the burning sensation and ends those paralyzing pain caused by gastritis. If the acidity is caused by periods of stress or undesirable foods, baking soda helps solve such problems.

Sodium bicarbonate

In addition to being very economical, the home remedies that can be prepared with it are very simple. You don’t have to think hard to make this product an essential part of your daily routine to keep your body stable and healthy.

Nor should you abuse it and do not forget that moderation is the most prudent since in excess it can cause annoying gases. However, keep it in focus on those occasions when your stomach is demanding more attention. Your stomach speaks to you and you have to learn to listen to it and, of course, treat it with proper benevolence.

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