10 Things You Should Know about Your Blood Sugar Levels

3. What blood sugar levels are considered dangerously high?

What blood sugar levels are considered dangerously high


High levels of sustained sugar for days can result from various diseases and conditions. The most feared, diabetes.
Values of 100 – 125 mg/dl in 2 different measurements serve to establish the diagnosis of prediabetes. Although at this point it is still possible to reverse the process and avoid the disease, the person must make important changes in their habits and diet.

Values of 126 mg/dl or more in 2 different measurements allow establishing the diagnosis of diabetes, which must be confirmed with other tests before the doctor indicates the treatment.

In pregnant women, a special form called gestational diabetes, induced by the same pregnancy, may occur. It ends with childbirth but predisposes the woman and the child to suffer from the disease in the future.
The problem with diabetes is the damage it produces in each organ of the body, so its measurement and control are important to prevent its complications.

4. What blood sugar levels are considered dangerously low?

What blood sugar levels are considered dangerously low


Several medical and non-medical causes that can cause hypoglycemia, low blood sugar levels (less than 70 mg/dl) are known.

Poor intake of food, some medications, lack of exercise and hormonal problems, can increase the use of glucose in the body and cause this condition.

Hypoglycemia is the most feared in a diabetic person because it can cause seizures and if the person is not treated in time, cause death.

To quickly correct the problem you must eat something sweet. It will give time to go to the doctor.