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10 Things You Should Know about Your Blood Sugar Levels

5. The sugar cycle

The sugar cycle


Your body has something known as the circadian rhythm. According to this, which is produced daily, the levels of some substances will increase or decrease at certain times of the day, increasing or decreasing your metabolism.

During the night the repair of your body occurs because the body discards what is not useful and repairs what was damaged. That is why not sleeping effects so much because you do not give the body the time it needs to recover.

Insulin levels decrease and consequently glucose levels increase normally during those hours of sleep.
It is important that all diabetics know this because it will be essential to start a proper diet, which prevents too abrupt movements in your blood sugar levels.

6. Tests to measure levels

Tests to measure levels

If you have problems with sugar (diabetes or any condition that predisposes you to hypoglycemia), it will be vital that you learn to regularly measure your sugar levels.

The glucometers will do this. It is easy to use the device with which you can check these levels daily and several times a day. It will help you to establish your nutritional parameters and diets since each person is different.

These teams prick a finger, a drop of blood is taken with the special tape it brings and placed on the glucometer. The test, which does not take more than 2 minutes, will let you know if something is wrong with your levels.

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