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10 Things You Should Know about Your Blood Sugar Levels

9. Treatments

blood sugar Treatments

The absolute lack of control of sugar levels will lead to diabetes. There are two types of it:
Type 1 diabetes: more frequent in children and adolescents. The body does not produce any insulin and you must provide it.

Type 2 diabetes: more common in adults and the elderly. Although there is insulin production, your cells have lost sensitivity to it and they cannot use glucose, raising their blood levels.

It is also necessary to consider gestational diabetes. In the latter case, you must resort to oral hypoglycemic agents, medicines that will admit the use of that sugar by your cells and their elimination, allowing you to maintain adequate levels.

Depending on the condition of each person and their age, it may be necessary to resort to drugs that help you lower cholesterol levels, to delay the damage to the blood vessels we already mentioned.

10. Lifestyle changes

blood sugar levels for kids

Maintaining adequate blood sugar levels will be as important as changing to a healthier lifestyle in people with sugar problems.

You should initially measure your levels 3 times a day. Your doctor will establish the best schedule for you, according to your life routine.

The elimination of sugary and / or carbonated industrial drinks will be the first step. It is not your reduction, it is about stopping them completely.

If you don’t eat vegetables and fruits, then it’s time to do it because they will be the second factor to incorporate. The third element is proper exercise. You may occasionally like a party, a celebration, but they will be exceptions. No more of that.

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