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Everything you need to know about Facebook F8 2019

Since 2007, Facebook has organized annually (with the exception of a few years) a conference called Facebook F8 aimed at its users, in which more than 5,000 web developers, marketing specialists, startup managers, among other professions, participate. the objective of knowing what are the news and updates of this social network. This year was no exception and from April 30 to May 1 in San Jose – California (Silicon Valley) F8 2019 was held although this time, from a more global view on the future of social networks.

Why is it called F8?

The name “F8” comes from Facebook’s tradition of performing 8-hour hackathons. The Hackathons are work-intensive marathons focused on achieving a final result, which within the context of Facebook F8 , were carried out by developers and web programmers at Harvard University, including Mark Zuckerberg during 2003 (one year before creating this social network)

What’s new for 2019?

Greater privacy for users

After a year marked by controversial accusations regarding user privacy, the inappropriate use of data for election campaigns and the realization of false news, this conference aimed to emphasize how important it is for the company, to preserve the privacy of your consumers before companies.

The future is private” was one of the most important phrases throughout the conference, which seems to be contradictory and paradoxical in the world of social networks, where people usually relive aspects of their personal lives that in another at that time, they would be classified as private. In this sense,

Facebook F8 executives put more emphasis on their goals by extending end-to-end encryption in other apps such as Messenger. “People want to interact privately. We want our private moments to be seen only by the people we love “were the words of Zuckerberg. Here you can see the last post you made in your account where you talk more about this new philosophy.

Virtual reality viewers

In the F8, the company Oculus VR announced two new virtual reality viewers: the Quest and Rift S that work wirelessly and independently since they have their own integrated system called Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. Both technological proposals, seek to position themselves as a reference in the entertainment sector with video games and interactive experiences, but also as a productive tool for training and collaborative work.

Facebook F8

On Facebook

New interface design

After seven years of presenting its users a very similar design and with quite subtle changes, this new interface design and update called FB5 breaks with all the above and is positioned as one of the most radical redesigns so far. Now instead of having the classic blue bar at the top of the page, it will be replaced by a new one in which we can find more direct options and access to our notifications, friends, messages, profiles, etc.

In this new design, Facebook F8 seeks to highlight, instead of the publications of friends and fan pages, the information that is shared in the groups and events, since 400 million people are significant members of groups, creating a prominent section to access They, This change will also be carried out in the mobile app and in its web version, which we can now enjoy on our cell phone screen.

The main purpose of the redesign is to help people expand their social circles, including a new function called “Meet New Friends” which aims to connect with other people who have something in common with us such as the university or the work we attend

Secret Crush

Facebook F8 Dating is a service that many of the users of Facebook have been able to enjoy and in this process of updates, a new section called Secret Crush was added, which allows creating a secret list of up to nine possible appointments. If any of them is also registered in Dating, the person will receive a message notifying them that they have an admirer. If the interest is mutual, then the platform indicates the existence of a “match” as it happens in Tinder.

On Instagram

New camera interface

The new Instagram update announced in F8 2019 will have a new interface in the camera in which the options to choose the different video formats to be used in the stories how lives, texts, boomerangs, and filters will be in a circular format. In addition, they will incorporate a new option called “Creation Mode” in which it will be easier to share content that is not images and video, such as questionnaires.

Hide likes

Instagram will be testing first in Canada before launching in other countries, a system that will hide almost all the “likes” in the feed of people, with the aim that their followers can focus on the photos and videos they share, not in the amount of I like that they obtain “. The show will be tested in Canada and if it is popular, we could see it being displayed in other countries.

Instagram Shopping 2.0

A year ago, Instagram launched Instagram Shopping, a tool for companies in their images to introduce buttons with price information and access to virtual stores, making consumer purchases through this social network much more dynamic.

In F8 2019, new options were mentioned to buy in the application and among them will be the possibility that not only companies but also people can add these buttons to their publications, allowing their followers to buy accessories that these used in the image. This new update will further position Instagram as a monetization platform for all its users.

On WhatsApp

Regarding the issue of privacy, since 2016 WhatsApp has end-to-end encryption in their conversations, so in this new opportunity, they will focus on expanding their functions for companies, so they will work on introducing a catalog so that users know the products and services offered by companies.

In Messenger

Speed ​​and intermodality of use

“In the next year, we want to make Messenger the fastest messaging platform on the planet” were the most important words around this platform. To achieve this, it is intended to do so with technology from Lightspeed, a new version that takes less than 30MB. To maintain the privacy of users, Facebook F8 works to introduce in Messenger the end-to-end encryption that has been used in WhatsApp since 2016.

In addition, the developers of this application will be working to add new features, such as dark mode, an exclusive section to view the messages and stories of our closest friends and even, to watch a video while we are making a call.

This new update of Messenger announced in F8 2019, will allow us to make calls and send messages not only to other Facebook contacts but also to our Instagram and WhatsApp contacts

Messenger for desktop

During Facebook F8 2019, this social network announced that it is working on an app for the computer version that will give Messenger access directly from the desktop to Windows and macOS operating systems. This desktop version will also include voice calls, group video calls and other similar functions of the mobile version.

In short, Facebook ads have for us a great variety of updates on all its platforms, which will be carried out around a perspective focused on privacy, the interaction between known people and the interconnectivity between platforms.

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