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If you are looking for free Netflix accounts you are in the right place, today we will explain how to get a free netflix premium account that will work forever, since we will provide several logins with username and password.

One of the reasons why people look for premium accounts for netflix is because their account has expired. Netflix is not a free platform, but rather is payment, where you must pay a monthly amount in exchange for a subscription.

Netflix monthly subscriptions vary between $ 9.99 , being the cheapest and $ 15.00 per month. the plan that offers the highest quality. For this, here we will teach you how to get free netflix premium.

We have created a list of free netflix accounts for all those who are looking for logins with a password that works, continue reading and you will know how to open our updated list.

The popularity of Netflix is due to the large number of series, and movies it offers, without ever doubting the quality in which they are produced. They started as a simple online store that rented DVDs and these were sent physically by parcel service. Today, Netflix is the largest movie streaming platform in the world.

How To Get Free Netflix Accounts 2020?

It's very simple, the easiest way to have a free netflix account is to download our updated list with more than +5000 premium accounts , where you can choose the account that best suits your needs. These accounts come from people who share netflix account their subscription with others, and do not cause any inconvenience that other people can enjoy free series.


When one of these shared netflix accounts is used by more than 20 people, it is automatically deleted from our list, so all the accounts you will see are functional in June - July 2020.

Moreover, if after opening our list you see that an account does not work, contact us and we will replace it.

We know that you are trying to get a free Netflix premium account that is why our priority is to keep the list completely updated daily.

How I Can Get Free Netflix Premium account for 30 days

Netflix provides the benefit of 30 day free streaming for its new users. This free Netflix account generator is the most convenient to use. To obtain this for free, you need to provide information related to your credit card. Here, by following the steps below, you can get the free Netflix username and password for the 1-month trial:

Method 1:

  1. First, you need to create a premium account on Netflix.
  2. You must wait until your 30-day free trial ends.
  3. Now sign up again after 30 days and you will receive the message Valid only for new members.
  4. Use your same email address again with a few periods or symbols in your original email id.
  5. It is all good. Now you will receive a confirmation email saying "30 days free trial".
  6. Everything is done Now, enjoy your free Netflix accounts.

You can follow both methods mentioned above to access the free Netflix account without any payment.

Method 2: How to Get Free Netflix Trial

It seems quite embarrassing that the Netflix streaming only concerns the United States, the Caribbean and South America. On the contrary, everyone wants everything for free without paying a single penny, well it's human nature.

Everything has a solution for every solution.
The process seems simple enough to get a Netflix premium account without using a credit card. So let's start with this trick.

  • Step 1

Download Kite Cash Android App: - Kite is a smarter and simpler finance app. By kite, you can send money to anyone instantly. Without a bank account, you will get a virtual debit card. You can send money to any mobile number and many more features. You can download the Kite Cash app from the button below.

  • Step 2

Create an account on Kite Cash: - Requires your mobile number to create a free account on the Kite Cash application. By providing your mobile number, create your free account on Kite Cash.

  • Step 3

Add money to your Kite Cash wallet: - You must add a minimum of Rs. 1 or $ 0.016 to your Kite Cash wallet. You can add it from your credit / debit card or ask one of your friends for an account on Kite Cash and have the balance of the required wallet. Or, simply, you can start by adding Rs. 10 as well, in your Kite Cash account.

  • Step 4 

Virtual Credit Card: - Kite Cash provides you with a digital virtual card on the application. You can create it on the app by simply clicking the " Create Kite Card " button on the top. You can also use this card as a credit card to make online payments inside or outside of India. It can also be used on Facebook, Google and other leading E-commerce websites.

  • Step 5 

Create a free Netflix account: - Just go to and sign up for a new account by entering your email address and password.

  • Step 6

Select your subscription pack: - You will provide the services of a default basic user. The subscription pack may be required after the end of your free trial, that is after a period of 30 days (one month).

  • Step 7 

Unlimited Netflix Subscriptions: - Before 2 to 3 days of your 30 day trial period expires, cancel your subscription from your account. Simultaneously, sign up for a new account using another email address, and it will work again for a period of 30 days

Now you can do this process multiple times and enjoy the full services provided by Netflix to its premium users.

Watch this video guide for the step-by-step procedure to get a free Netflix account.

  • Log into the official Netflix account and click on the "Try 30 free days" tab.
  • Now you have the freedom to choose any basic, standard and premium plan, which will be free until the end of 30 days.
  • Select any of the plans. Now it will take you to another window to create an account to send Netflix usernames and passwords
  • In this step, you must provide your credit card details and other details.
  • Now you have the username and password of the free Netflix account that helps you freely enjoy Netflix accounts for the next 30 days.
  • After a month, do not forget to cancel the subscription to avoid paying the charges.

But, if you do not have the credit card but are looking for the Netflix 2020 account generator, this method does not work for you. So, for all those who do not have credit cards or have not obtained 1-month benefits and are looking for more, we are sharing a free list of Netflix accounts.

Shared Free Netflix Premium Accounts are Secure?

Our readers often ask us if the free netflix account hack we provide are secure.

  • The short answer: Yes

The long answer, our free premium accounts are totally safe since it is not necessary to use any software or extension of third parties to be able to use them. What's more, your IP address will always be hidden thanks to Netflix's privacy policies.


You can use the free netflix accounts on any device, be it a mobile phone or a tablet, you can even enjoy the best series on your TV.

You can open the list of premium free netflix account hack below, just open it:

Free Netflix accounts with username and password 2020

In case the following accounts do not work, you can download NetFlix Mod Apk for Android from here. You can manually access the NetFlix premium account. So, below I share free NetFlix accounts that work. Please use it only for yourself and do not share these accounts and passwords with anyone. As it may be that Netflix prohibits your account.

But do not worry, these accounts are currently working and you can watch NetFlix videos by entering passwords.

List Of Free Netflix Accounts and Premium Passwords (100% work)

We have shared some sample accounts for our first readers without opening our full list of premium accounts.

NOTE: Please do not change the Netflix premium account password. If you change the password, we will block your IP address. In addition, you will no longer be able to use the Netflix premium account.

If someone changes the password then comment below using the comment box. Our team resets the premium account password as soon as possible.

If no account works, or you want to go directly to the list of +5000 accounts, scroll down and access our list of functional free Netflix account hack.

Free Netflix Accounts :  There may be some hacks as discussed earlier in this article that "How to Get Free Netflix Essays for Absolutely Free" sign up to start watching movies for a period of 30 days without interruption and on the other hand. How to get free and unlimited access to a Netflix account . You can follow the steps according to your choice and enjoy the benefits of the big giant NETFLIX .

By doing so, you can add different email addresses with some operators, which will not affect your existing Gmail account, but will help you register in Netflix by viewing it as a different user, effectively. Now it's up to you to choose the method that suits you best according to your comfort. (Free Netflix accounts)

How to Get Free Trial Subscriptions at Netflix

In this article, I will tell you how to get unlimited free trials in a Netflix account. To obtain a free trial subscription, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Use a Gmail account
  2. Insert in your e-mail address, symbols as sign (+) or a period.

Let's Start With an Example:

Suppose you have an email like [email protected] . Now you can type that as [email protected] too. By doing so, you can request third-party services to forward it to a new email address. Likewise, you will not have any effect on your Gmail account, which is on [email protected] , because Gmail ignores these particular symbols and will work as usual.

Free Netflix Accounts 2020 Generator

If you decide to use our generator, it will directly give you a working netflix premium account, without having to access our complete list:

  1. 1
    Generates a netflix account and password:
  2. 2
    Check the Google Captcha, it has no ads.
  3. 3
    After completing the captcha your account will be updated.
  4. 4
    Log in to Netflix and create a new profile from scratch.
  5. 5
    Without advertising or human verification.
  6. 6

In order to be able to provide service to all users, the netflix premium account generator can only be used once a day, we believe it is enough. However, if you need more accounts, you can use another device to rebuild a premium account.

How to access +5000 free Netflix accounts?

You can find access to our list above or also in the next section.


Previously we have given you access to the list of which we speak, where you will find shared netflix accounts, it is the most reliable option since it only requires copying and pasting.

We still have not talked about the advantages of having a free netflix account, we tell you in the following list:

  1. 1
    Simple and easy to use
  2. 2
    No annoying advertising
  3. 3
    Original Netflix series
  4. 4
    You can download the content and watch it offline
  5. 5
    No cost, entering our list.

Conclusion: Now that you have learned how to access netflix for free, you should use the generator or access the netflix premium list to enjoy the best quality content as of today.

Free Netflix in 2020 seems to be the best option for all those who seek entertainment without having to spend money on it.

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