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15 Best Websites To Free Watch Online Movies in 2020

Do you want to enjoy a good movie in the comfort of your sofa 😀? Are you looking for a website with legal content, either free or paid? On the internet, it is very easy to find different pages or platforms that offer Free online movies.

However, many of these sites are usually illegal and although they seem very good, they can offer us a bad experience.

Free Watch Online Movies

For this reason, since our writing, we have made this article with the list of the best websites or payment platforms and free to watch movies online legally.

These are totally reliable pages that will guarantee the entertainment of the whole family, without putting your computer, smart tv or mobile device at risk.

Seeing all this content online and legally, either on free or paid websites, has never been easier. You just have to select the platform or portal of your choice and enjoy all the content that these sites have available for you.

Free watch online movies platforms legally

Fortunately, not all platforms are paid. There are some completely free and most importantly, legal. Below you can see a list with the most relevant. is the official public television page that offers not only series content but also sports information. Everything for family entertainment in Spain. This website has a wide variety of series for all ages.

It also has a mobile application available for Android devices, where you will enjoy different channels with popular series content and that will undoubtedly catch you. The popularity of this website has grown in Spain, owning more and more content and expanding the audience to which it is addressed.


Another quite acceptable option today to enjoy Free Watch Online Movies in Popcornflix. It is a fully digital platform that allows you to enjoy extensive content at no cost.


The interface of this website is very simple. At the outset, it shows its variety of films, showing up from the most popular or those that are original of the platform. One of its biggest advantages is that the quality of the video is very good, in addition to allowing you to add the movies of your preference to a list of favorites, without having to log in.

Apart from enjoying the content of this website on your computer, you can do it from iPhone, iPad, Android, and Samsung TV devices, among others.


It is a streaming platform that offers free movies and series content. In addition to being used in computers, it is available in applications for mobile devices and some smart TVs if the user wishes.

In Viewster you can find several interesting contents such as series and movies of different genres, documentaries or programs. Although the quality of reproduction of its content may vary depending on the title chosen, in general, good video quality is obtained.

If you are a fan of anime series, this website can be very useful because it has a large part of the content intended for this genre.

Open Culture

A site that could not be left out of this list is Open Culture. The open culture site has not only great content in films of various genres but also offers its visitors about 350 free books. If you are one of those who not only love movies but also books, this place is for you.

open culture movies

This is a page specialized especially in classic films, from recognized directors, but also has some completely free premieres. The number of Free Watch Online Movies exceeds 1000. That is, you have enough material to entertain you comfortably and quietly with the use of this platform.


If you are looking for interesting movies and do not want to enter the subscription payment platforms, YouTube is an option that can be very useful. It is a worldwide recognized platform, legal and absolutely free. Although it should be noted that it now offers premium paid services.


The opportunity to find free content limits the possibility of appearing a few days after its premiere. However, if you want to see titles that have been released some time ago, you may find them on YouTube without problems.

The audiovisual portal par excellence is also a great option to watch documentaries, cartoons, anime, classic movies and amateur or professional web series. And all for free!

Take a “ride” on the platform and you will not be disappointed!

The New Platforms

The birth of new platforms for Free Watch Online Movies seems to be in its first stage. Renowned television and technology companies have announced the launch of their own streaming service for a couple of years. This news will further revolutionize the possibility of watching movies on the internet providing new alternatives to all users.

Do you want to know what are the new streaming service platforms? At the moment there are these two:

Disney +

Walking safely and loudly, the launch of the Disney streaming service is announced that it is now more than ready to battle platforms like Netflix. Disney + will go into operation later this year 2020 and according to the information that is known about its content, it will feature all the classic films produced by the animation giant.


Original films released this year, library and television products, are some of the contents that will be included within this promising service, which since its announcement has begun to generate expectations in fans not only of Disney but also of cinema and series in general.

In addition, with the incessant purpose of competing with Netflix and Amazon, Disney is working on a totally original series that will also be included on the platform. So, we must be more than attentive at the end of this year with all the content that this new website could present!

Apple +


To the list of competitors for the throne of streaming platforms is added Apple, whose announcement of its new service called Apple TV Plus, has generated great expectations in connoisseurs and viewers around the world.


With completely original productions, the first stage of Apple + aims to reach the territory of more than 100 countries. This is part of a strategy that the company has created to compete with the platforms already recognized in this area: Netflix and Amazon.

It is worth mentioning that, possibly, Apple users would enjoy the streaming service totally free.

Payment platforms to watch movies online

If you are looking for a website where you can watch movies online, the description of these platforms will give you a clear vision of what you will get from each of them.

Choose the one that best suits your preferences and enjoy the best content without having to take any risks and in the most comfortable way.



If it’s about enjoying series, movies or documentaries, Netflix is one of the main options. The streaming service of this platform allows its subscribers to enjoy almost unlimited content and at a very attractive price. In addition to a free 30-day trial period in some countries.

free netflix account

Its subscribers have increased dramatically, being currently in more than 200 countries, with a wide variety of languages ​​and content that not only adapts to preferences, but also to the interest of users according to the country from which they acquire the service.

Thanks to its software, you can enjoy all the content unlimitedly on any device that has an internet connection. You just have to select the membership plan that best suits you and you can enjoy without inconvenience the content that this platform offers for you.

Amazon Prime


Another of the most popular options is Amazon Prime. This streaming service makes it very easy to enjoy online series and feature films. Its content is really good and improves over time. In addition, its subscription price is very striking since, for only $ 3.99 per month, you access all its audiovisual content and multiple advantages within the most important online sales platform in the world.

Amazon Prime


In addition to offering third-party content, Amazon Prime offers its users exclusive platform content. There are more than four thousand series of different genres so you don’t miss the opportunity to select the one you prefer.



HBO offers its subscribers an extensive catalog with more than six thousand movies and series.

Its platform has two streaming, which allows the connection of up to 5 different devices that have internet access, with only one account. The series can be seen in English, in Spanish and subtitled. In addition, it offers potential customers a trial period to show the full potential of the platform.


Together with Netflix and Amazon Prime, it is one of the most recognized and favorite platforms. It is comfortable, simple and simple to use. That is to say, users who are less knowledgeable about the management of these platforms can enjoy the content offered without a problem.

Sky tv

A very popular platform in different countries, especially in Spain, is Sky Tv. This website allows not only to enjoy series and movies, with extensive and varied content but also offers around 16 television channels, available with a simple subscription.

Sky tv

The price is not to be very high and the quality of service is very good. Channels such as TNT, Fox, Comedy Central and others, are the most-watched through this platform, which also has a free trial month. That is, in addition to movies and series, the programming of these channels are at the hand of the subscribers.

Movistar +

In this list, we also include Movistar +. And it not only offers excellent and very broad content in series and movies but also has a wide range of plans to offer users service offers that adapt to their preferences.


It is a very complete platform. It has different channels available that offer sports entertainment, series, cinema, entertainment programs, documentaries and much more. One of its greatest strengths is the series and content that premieres every month.

In turn, it has the transmission of the content found on other platforms, such as Netflix, HBO, and Amazon Prime.

The only downside of this option is undoubtedly the price, significantly higher than other options.

Google Play


Enjoying your favorite movies has never been as simple as when you use Google Play. This app, available on phones and devices with an internet connection, allows you to buy or rent available titles easily and enjoy them as many times as you want.

google play movies

This application can work with Android devices or HD TV with Chromecast. Downloading content and enjoying it later without an internet connection is possible thanks to Google Play. In addition, it contains a wish list, where you can write down the titles that you expect to see and that are not yet available in the application catalog. In this way, when you are already to rent or buy you will be the first to know.

It is a payment platform with a very complete list of movies available to users. Yidio allows you to observe the content catalogs of spaces such as Netflix, Amazon, and HBO, in addition to its exclusive material, all on a single online platform.


“Movies” of comedy, horror, sport, documentaries and a host of content, classified by categories, can be seen in Yidio in a simple way. It also has completely free television programs that you can enjoy at no additional cost.

The quality of the video is one of the most favorable themes for this platform. In most cases, with a good internet connection, there will be no problems in enjoying the content that catches you in seconds.


Although before it offered the opportunity to enjoy free content, Crackle, became a paid subscription website that offers streaming service to enjoy various content online or through pay-TV.

Currently, this website gives its users the possibility of enjoying high content in movies and series without advertising and with excellent reproduction quality. However, when you enter its website you will find that this website will stop working at the end of April 2019. So, it seems that there is little time left to enjoy its contents.

Why is it not recommended to use illegal websites?

After the extensive list of platforms and websites specializing in audiovisual content, whether paid or free, we want to make it clear why it is not advisable to use illegal websites or that infringe copyright laws.

In addition to being a violation, many of these sites are loaded with viruses and can affect the performance and even the life of your device.

That is why the use of these pages is not recommended. On the contrary, choosing a website or platform that offers legal and quality content is very simple.

It will no longer be necessary to use an illegal website anymore. Apart from the fact that there are several free, comfortable and legal, payment platforms have managed to offer really affordable subscription fees.

Final Words

As you can see, there is a considerable number of websites where you can enjoy the best content, whether paid or free. No doubt these will offer you an excellent service, without major complications and with the opportunity to enjoy its content in a simple and fast way.

You must remember that the use of illegal pages is not recommended, as they would put your privacy and your device at risk. Try to be careful in selecting any website to Free Watch Online Movies.

In addition, the information about the new platforms with streaming service, makes this topic become something much more interesting, so it deserves to continue monitoring each step that these sites perform.

Now you just have to choose the option of your choice and enjoy the best free (or subscription) movies without waiting for more!

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