How to create a sales funnel from scratch step by step

You already have a sales funnel, in fact, everything has a small sales funnel. I’m not going to tell you what is like Wikipedia, for that there are already many articles talking about the technicalities of the sales funnel. I will teach you to step by step and from scratch how to create your sales funnel

I want you to come out of the article and see sales funnels everywhere, like the child in the sixth sense film.

And is that a sales funnel is not something optional that you decide to do or not, none of that. In fact, you can not stop doing it, it’s like gravity, you can ignore that it exists but put as you put yourself you will remain stuck to the ground.

I would like you to leave here with only that idea in mind if so, I will feel that I have achieved my purpose.

Well now it is very common to hear things of the style;

  • *I’m creating my evergreen Sales Funnel
  • *I need a Sales Funnel
  • *I’ve heard that the sales funnels are the revolution
  • *Etc etc…

But that is a bit absurd, forgive me for saying so but I have not found another word.

What is a sales funnel?

A Sales Funnel is a systematized and automated process of steps (in its great majority) by which people pass before making a purchase or a specific action.

Come on, it’s a conversation by fascicles in which you persuade that person that you are the solution to their problem.

Moreover, this article that you are reading is already a funnel where I sell you an idea.

I want to give you a very colloquial example that you will feel very identified or identified.

The process of seducing a person is the perfect sales funnel example.

We are going to break down this process, overlapping each step with action in digital marketing, you will see that it is far from nothing:

  • *a person and you judge their physique = Colors and web design
  • *talk a bit with that person = You look at their website above
  • *You have a close conversation = You read one of your articles
  • *Invites you to a cafe to learn more = Lead magnet
  • *A colleague is created = You are on your list
  • *A friendship is created = You feel identified or identified with your emails
  • *A special atmosphere is created = You know what you like
  • *It offers you a real appointment = Letter of sale
  • *The inevitable arises (Think what you want) = Purchase your product or service
  • *You fall in love = Customer evangelized
  • *More alternative plans = recurring purchases

I know, thinking it like this is very cold, I’m not like that the truth, but it is an example that illustrates very well the phases to achieve X objective and I have been forced 😉

Well, neither more nor less, that’s a sales funnel. You could stop reading the article here but the thing gets even more interesting.

Examples of the sales funnel

I’m going to show you a flow chart of a basic sales funnel so you can see each step separately.

I just gave you a diagram so you can put it into practice in your business. I already told you that the thing could be more interesting.

Do not worry because later I’ve recorded a practical video so you can see how I make those diagrams and how I think about it.

Notice that it is the closest thing to creating a television series, your own particular TV series in which you target X.

And of course, like any good television series has to have a hook and keep people hooked to the screen.

That is where the true difficulty of the sales funnels lies.

Here I show you an even more basic funnel that you can create simply with an autoresponder and a few pages of WordPress:

What is better a more complex or more basic funnel?

Well, everything depends on the case in which it is raised, there are cases in which with a simple mail you get good results.

You have to take into account the temperature of the traffic inside your funnel and be able to make a micro funnel inside a funnel mother, this term I do not even know if it exists but to be understood, it is going well.

Do not get blind with the great funnels, not everything that glitters is gold, the best is what works best for you.

This clarification may seem very silly but it is so. There is no magic bar that makes you earn money in bulk, you must optimize until you find YOUR formula.

What I want to share with you so that you can create your evergreen Funnel is the basic structure to create it, from there it’s up to you:

An evergreen sales funnel is a funnel that is not subject to time, that is; it is eternal.

It is eternal because it does not need anything to work on autopilot, you create it and optimize it to improve the results.

And I want to take a weight off you, no funnel works the first time. You must optimize with time.

And if you see that it does not finish booting for more optimizations that you do is that you need to optimize other points of your project as it could be your authority or offer.

Do not worry because later I’ll explain how you can optimize a Funnel.

The advantages of a sales funnel

As we have seen at the beginning, it is not optional to have a funnel, you have it if or if. They are the steps that people make towards your goal, whatever it may be.

There is for people whose goal is simply traffic because that’s it, that’s where your funnel ends and nothing happens.

But there are people whose funnel is aimed at a sale, because he is also good, each with his own.

The advantage of a funnel is to be aware that everything has implicit steps, and those steps are a funnel in itself that you can optimize.

I think the real advantage is to be aware because if you are conscious you can take sides.

Another advantage is that a sales funnel you leave the autopilot, makes you earn time to devote to what you really care about, whether family, friends, partner or business.

If you are aware of the steps and automate them, you have a business that works without your complete presence, or rather, it is accomplishing objectives while you do other things.

The disadvantages of a sales funnel

Honestly, I do not find disadvantages to automate a sales process the truth.

If I have to put a disadvantage it would not be to the funnel itself, it would be to the fact of preparing the whole movie.

At least you’re going to throw a full month so you can go creating the content of each step. The structure is not complicated, what is more, tedious is to create all the content.

Stages of a sales funnel

The funnels are divided into stages as in the example of the seduction of the beginning. Everything has some steps.

Each step is important, just as in life, if in one step you twist an ankle the next step you will go with the slipstream of the previous one and you will not tread normally.

Well, this is more or less the same, you have to know that each step is important, and all the steps together make the funnel.

That is why it is very important to know the steps that make up the complete path so that you do not make false steps and you get in the way.

A sales funnel is divided into three very important parts as you can see the image, and understanding them is what will allow you to optimize the process.

Later I will tell you how to optimize the process but not without first understanding the phases, let’s do it.

Top of the Funnel-Marketing

The Top of the Funnel is not what they serve you in oriental restaurants, do not be confused. Tofu is the stage where the person finds you through search engines or social networks.

If that person enters your blog it is because he has a minimum of interest in the topic you are dealing with.

It is a stage in which that person takes into consideration that subject unless it finds you through search engines through a transactional keyword as it could be; hire Funnel sales.

If someone finds you from Google with that term it is clear that you do not need too much information to make a decision.

But hey, let’s put that is not the case and is in a stage of real consideration. That person has a problem and intuits that what you offer can be a solution.

Well, everything starts here; the first contact of consideration.

Your goal here is to get the mail of the person who visits your blog, without the mail, you will not be able to make the person enter into your sales funnel that you have created with so much effort and affection.

For that you must make that person understand that it is true, he has a problem but he should not worry either because he has a solution, and see what a coincidence that the solution is your service or product 😉

The objective of that first contact is to inform the person so that they have more interest in the subject and download your Leadmagnet (Free gift)

To get hold of those emails and get subscribers you can visit another of the articles that I wrote in the magazine. Here I detail how you can convert traffic to subscribers.

Middle of the funnel-Sales Process

We enter the most delicate phase, here that person will already be inside your funnel and will begin to see that television series that you have prepared for him.

In it, you will have to educate that person and keep her attentive to what you have to tell her.

Remember that every television series has a storyline that gives meaning and must meet a goal.

For this phase, you must take into account the following points that I have already mentioned on other occasions.

Lead scoring

The lead scoring is the moment of the purchase process in which that person is, it measures the temperature and the interest of the person based on their behavior.

In the event that that person enters a specific Leadmagnet it is already clear that that person has an X interest, so, as it were, the interest would be validated from the beginning.

In case you have a general list, Lead scoring is applied to validate the interest in X product or service by offering content bait to validate what interest rate that person has or to ask directly with a small survey.

Lead nurturing

The Lead nurturing is to educate that person who enters your list a little hesitant until it is clear that you are the solution you need.

Think that a person enters your sales funnel somewhat confused, it is not clear even if you are a solution to your problem or even if you really have a problem.

That is why it is important to educate people about the problem they may be suffering, how it can affect that in their lives and that they realize they need a solution and also you have the appearance of being the ideal person.

The Rebuff

This is a term and a metric that I take out of the pin but I think it is important and take into account.

The slipstream is the predisposition to continue advancing in your funnel and that will depend on the previous chapters.

That is, you should keep in mind that you can lose people’s interest only by an email that is not aligned with everything else.

It’s like watching a chapter of your favorite series that is so bad that it makes you lose interest in the next chapter.

If that is repeated over time you will lose interest within your funnel and the willingness to read your next mail will be scant.

That is if you have a bad # 2 mail and you notice that people there lose interest, surely No. 3 is affected by the effect of the previous one.

In that case, it touches the mail Nº2 and leaves the Nº3 without touching and validates if the results improve or continue the same if they continue the same has not affected that slipstream.

Bottom of the funnel

I’m going to say something a little crazy and I hope you do not judge me for it, but those who do this very well are those in the telemarketing. I spend hours watching the telemarketing because the steps are very marked and are very evident.

It is a sales funnel but all in the same video, it is great to understand the process that must be followed in this phase.

Yes, stay with the steps but not with the way of selling they have.

I have created a video so you can fit all this into the diagram and the concept is clear:

If you want to know more about the phases of the funnel and how you can know in the phase that you are in, you can go to the article in my blog where I explain in detail how to identify in which stage of the sales funnel you are right now.

How to optimize a sales funnel

To optimize the funnel you need to measure what happens inside it, if you do not analyze it will never work.

There are few funnels that are aimed at cold traffic that work the first time, so I clarify that the optimization process is the most important part of the whole process.

To optimize you need to be clear that each step in your funnel aims to convert to the next step, that is, do not obsess about selling. Selling is the consequence of optimizing each step separately.

That is why you should focus on the person going forward in the process if he does not do something he is failing.

The formula to get the percentage of conversion of each point is the following:

The formula to get the percentage of conversion of each point is the following:

Goals achieved% impressions x 100

The metrics that you have to take into account are not many but they are very important


In the case that you are making announcements, the metric that you must measure is the clicks that you receive in it.

Ideally, you create several ads for each ad set within the campaign, create 6 ads and put them to compete with each other.

There are many people who say that it does not balance well between ads and Facebook shows the “most relevant” but it is not always so.

If you want to have full control over your ads and not leave balancing in the hands of Facebook create an ad for each set of ads and make several sets.

Landing pages

Whether it’s a post or a capture page, you should have the people who leave the mail as metrics.

In the event that the traffic comes from an ad, you must also ask yourself if what is failing is the segmentation or the landing page, to validate that you have no choice but to do A / B test with different segments and pages.


In the mails, you must measure two important metrics, the title and the content of the mail.

You will know that a title works because you will have mail openings. And you will know if a content works for you because you will receive clicks towards the page that you have proposed.

⚠️ IMPORTANT: A mail a goal. Do not set two goals in the mail unless you want to perform some type of internal segmentation within your database.

Capture pages

Here the metric to be measured is very clear, the people who leave their data to enter your list.

How to make a diagram of the sales funnel

To make a diagram is very simple, you must consider a beginning and an end and the steps that a person must take to get from A to B.

I have recorded a video to explain myself better and how I pose the funnels at the time of creating them:

As you can see it does not have much mystery, it is to mark a point A up to a point B and to break down the path in parts until arriving at B.

Once you have the road marked you must optimize each point so that people do not run aground in any of them.

That is why it is very important to understand that each Funnel is a process in constant growth and optimization, even if it is already working well, it can always work better.

It can also be the case that you are working in a brutal way and stop working for X reasons, that you must also take into account and see what is happening at all times.

Tools to make a sales funnel

The tools that you can use are all that you have at your disposal, they do not need to be very specific tools.

The success of your sales funnel is not in the tools you use, it’s in the offer. Without a good offer, you can already have the best funnel in the world that you will not have sales.

That said, let’s see the tools that I recommend you use to create your sales funnels.

Active Campaign

It is for me the tool that best automation options are Active campaign. You can make as many combinations as you have in your head, from very complex funnels to very basic funnels.

I love it because it is very easy to use and does not have too many complications.

It is true that like all tools has their small setbacks and occasionally can give a problem, but nothing great.

Then there are other tools such as Getresponse, Mailchimp, Mailrelay, and others. I’ve tried all the ones I mentioned and I’m left with Activecampaign because it’s a fully scalable tool.

Activecampaign is a payment tool but if you are serious with your business I do not think that is a problem. You pay for storage. 500 subscribers € 9.


Manychat is the most complete and intuitive Facebook bot. Currently, at the time I write these lines, it is out of service due to the revision of Facebook’s privacy law.

You know the one that has been involved with this issue, so they have started to review the external tools that have access to Mr. Zuckerberg’s data.

They have left it active for people who already have the tool, that is, people who are already working with it.

hope you relax the topic and let new users join the tool.

It is the perfect complement to your sales funnel, with the bot you will raise the interaction rate inside the funnel without a doubt.

In addition, for a person to subscribe to your bot you do not need any contact data, you only need to interact with the bot once.

For that, you can offer some worksheets as I do in my funnel or a downloadable checklist. The idea is to interact with the bot to enter the sequence.

It has a cost of 9 dollars a month, but if you take advantage of it, I do not see any problem.

There are more bot tools like Chatfield, which is a free tool, you can try if you feel like it.

I certainly recommend Manychat for all the features that the tool has.

I also do not usually be a friend of the free, the support is usually not quality.

Last Conclusions

✳️ A sales funnel takes people from state A to state B through the path that you mark them, then everything depends on the good marketing you are doing in your own way.

Rescuer Remember one thing, you already have a funnel you want or do not want, what you should do now is to ask yourself if it is working or not.

✳️ And also think that this process does not need to start on your website, this post could be part of my funnel perfectly 😉

If you have any questions, suggestions or contributions, I will be happy to read them in the comments, I love to read and keep learning with the comments and suggestions that are made to me.

In what phase are you; Do you already have your Sales Funnel? You have not started yet? Is it the first post you read on the subject?

Cover image ( sales funnel optimization web concept ) thanks to Shutterstock