How To Pokemon Go Hack (100% Working)

Pokemon GO is the most popular video game of the moment worldwide, it is an adventure game that mixes the game with augmented reality, was developed by Niantic and Nintendo and is available for iOS and Android users, completely free of charge.

The main objective is to move around the city, search and capture pokemon, which means that you must fight against other opponents in different gyms and thus go climbing until you become the best Pokemon trainer. The good thing about this game is that it allows you to interact socially since it forces you to meet with several people in the different poké stops and meeting areas.

how to hack pokemon go

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To advance in the game and continue to rise in levels, many hacks have been developed in Pokemon GO, which serves for different things within the game, although some of them are going to solve them with updates, there is always one that works.

These are some of the hacks for Pokemon that we have found surfing the net and of which we have nothing to do.

How To Pokemon Go Hack

Coin Hack

The premise of this game is extremely simple, you have to capture all the pokémones you can, try to level them up so that they evolve and guarantee you the victory against other coaches and thus become the best pokemon teacher. From the beginning of the franchise of the game, everyone has a coin base at the beginning, which helps you move forward by buying certain tools.

In Pokemon GO these coins allow you to buy incense, which will attract pok√©mones near you for about 30 minutes, also lucky eggs that will multiply your experience by two, you can also buy the so-called bait modules that will call the pok√©mones to get close to the poke stops so you don’t have to walk so much and look for them, and finally the incubators help the pok√©mon eggs to incubate while you walk.

Download Pokemon GO Apk Mod

Spoofing: some people misrepresent your GPS location so you can go to where 100% Tightonite or Tyranitar is and pick it up immediately, drop in any Gym and download it and rebuild it at any time, and rec receives it around the world at will. Pokemon Go is taking drastic measures by randomly assigning statistics on the server to any player at level 25, so it is currently very difficult to detect the IV of a Pok√©mon. On the Android side, spoofing is also being detected and blocked out of the game download. It’s obviously something Pok√©mon Go cares deeply and wants to prevent.

How To Pokemon Go Hack

More recently, Pokémon Go has begun to block teleportation, the soft ban of people who previously deliberately to participate, but returned to catch Pokemon apk mod, and illegitimate logging obtained Pokémon, so they are useless in battle anyway.


Botting: Botting It’s like downloading spoofing but automated. With an army of fake characters and lots of scripts, botters√≥polis by the PokeScape collecting as many high-level Pok√©mon as possible. It is funded by online maps with ads and donation buttons, and by people who buy accounts online. Again, recent changes could make this more difficult and less useful than it was in the past tips.

Pokemon GO With Unlimited Points

That includes the inhabitants of the shadow, who are preventing bot accounts (including those used for maps) from seeing anything that is not common Pokémon, and illegally cutting out obtained Pokémon, so they are useless in battle anyway.

pokemon go gps spoofing

Multi-accounting: Some people who don’t bounce or cheat still cheat by using several unlimited account points. When they knock down a gym, they quickly fill it with the accounts of their friends, families, and teammates – sometimes even if those people have stopped playing for a long time. Although “bubblestrat” ‚Äč‚Äč- a way to quickly push a Gym up – is no longer useful since the great Gym update, filling all the slots in a Gym still blocks other legitimate ones outside.


Shaving / Cycling: Those who can’t or simply don’t want to take care of new Gyms sometimes switch to a second account for another team, hit a teammate’s Pok√©mon from a Gym team owned by their own unlimited team points, and then replace it with his own Pok√©mon from that team. It is cannibalistic and does not help to grow its own team and creates significant resentment also unlimited money, Pok√©mon GO infinite gems.

Generator Of “Pokemon GO” With Free Guide

Auto-IV checkers: Pokémon Go is not only Shadow-banning bots that abuse the API, they are banning accounts that have granted access to third-party applications such as IV-checkers that also abuse the API generator. Changing Google’s password and revoking account access to these applications can help prevent and reverse the ban.

Most of the online forums are full of people complaining about all these practices and more, and it is better to avoid them generators because the next time the banhammer comes, it could fall on anyone who commits to them like winning a free guide, Pokemon GO game.


Hack For Pokemon Go on Android

Install Fake Gps

First, you will have to configure your Android phone to be able to alter the GPS location. There are several that you can choose but you will use Fake GPS Location Spoofer Free, which for me is the best.

pokemon go hacks android

‚ÄĘInstall Fake GPS Location Spoofer Free from the Google Play Store

Once the application is installed, you will have to activate ¬ęDevelopment Options¬Ľ on your cell phone, if you do not have it activated.


To activate Development Options:

‚ÄĘGo to ¬ęSettings¬Ľ

‚ÄĘScroll down the list and search for ¬ęPhone information or About device¬Ľ

‚ÄĘWithin the ‚Äú Phone information ‚ÄĚ menu you have to press 7 times in a row on ¬ę Compilation Number ¬ę

‚ÄĘWhen you complete the above steps this message will appear on the screen Now you are a Developer!

Select your Country

Once your phone is well configured to falsify your location, open the Fake GPS Location Spoofer Free application. You will be shown a map of the world; To choose a location, you just have to pinch to zoom on the map, and once you have chosen the location, press 2 times, and then press the orange play button in the lower right.

When the location has been chosen, the application will send a notification to your notification tray that will allow you to stop impersonating your location whenever you want.

Hacking Pokemon Go Faking Our Location

As you can guess, once you open the game, it will read your current location as a fake location. As a result, once inside the game, you will be presented with a map of the location where the phishing is, along with all the Pokémon in the area.

pokemon go location spoof

It is highly recommended that you do not change places more than once every few hours or so, or else the probability of being banned will increase. By changing your location every few hours, you will be able to capture Pokémon without having to leave your home.

iPhone hack for Pokemon Go updated

Jailbreak to your iPhone phone

The first thing to do is to root your cell phone or as it is commonly called jailbreak your iPhone phone. Depending on your software it may not be possible or it may involve a lot of steps. It is generally easier to jailbreak the iPhone in iOS 9.3.3. In this article, I explain how to jailbreak your iPhone cell phone.

Hide Jailbreak from your iPhone

The Pokemon Go app will check if your cell phone is jailbroken and if so, the application will not work.

You need to install the protector on your iPhone to hide your jailbreak, it is a paid application that prevents the game from knowing that it is rooted. The cost of the protector 8+ tool is $ 1.99.

Download a fake location app for iPhone

On the iPhone, the best Cydia application to fake your iPhone location is LocationFake r. This application has a cost of $ 2.99 in the Cydia store.

Once installed you will see that the application will show your current location, but you can easily drag it across the screen to change the location of the green plug.

Once you have found the place you want, click on the Off button in the lower-left corner to allow LocationFaker to start faking your location. The button will change to On.

Once you have everything installed on your iPhone device with the jailbreak, you only have to enter Pokémon Go and enjoy the game in the armchair of your home.

How to hack Pokemon Go Without Being Banned

If you thought that just installing the application to falsify your location was enough, you have a lot to learn, that worked well before but now the game developers got much harder, they already know how to identify when you’re cheating, some users have been banned for a few hours after trying it. But don’t worry, what did you think I didn’t have the solution? Quiet that Julius is here as always to the rescue.

The problem is that Pokémon GO now knows when Android Simulated Locations has been enabled in the Developer Options menu, therefore, we just have to hide this setting in order to fool the game.

From there, you can exit the application while it keeps running in the background, you can go to any other application while pretending your location.


‚ÄĘAndroid device

‚ÄĘXposed module installed

‚ÄʬęDevelopment options¬Ľ enabled

‚ÄʬęUnknown sources¬Ľ enabled

‚ÄĘAndroid 5.0 or higher

Install ¬ĽMock Mock Locations¬Ľ

To begin, you will have to install the Xposed module that prevents applications from being able to recognize when your Simulated Locations are enabled. Once you have downloaded and installed Xposed, search for Mock Mock Locations, then press the result from the top. From here, go to the Versions tab and then press the ¬ęDownload¬Ľ button, press ¬ęInstall¬Ľ, then make sure to activate the module and rerun when it is finished.

Disable WiFi and Cellular Network Locations

Enter Settings, from here, select the “Mode” option and set it to “Single device.” This will prevent the phone from connecting to other location sources, such as Wi-Fi connections, so when you fake your GPS location later, it will be the only location that Pok√©mon GO can see.

Install a GPS location impersonation

With everything well configured, what you have to do is use the Fake GPS application to change your location and you just have to catch Pokemon like crazy around the world. It is better if you disable the Pokemon GO app from the recent apps menu before changing locations, just to be more secure.

Keep in mind that the game could theoretically see that you are moving faster than humanly possible, which could lead to a temporary ban. So do not change your location too many times, however, if you can use your Fake GPS application if you are going to move a few kilometers around, there is no problem with that.

New method to hack the game Pokemon Go from the PC – Updated

This installation and configuration process is long and tedious but it is the method that is now working 100%. You need different applications and programs to run this cellular game on Windows. If you follow these steps to the letter, you will end up capturing all those Pokémon without leaving home.

Install the Android emulator BlueStacks on your cell phone

First of all, to be able to play Pok√©mon GO on our computer it is necessary to install an Android emulator for PC. In this case, I have selected BlueStacks, one of the best programs for this purpose. The installation is fast and simple, so it doesn’t require much more explanation, other applications like NOX or Andy could have been chosen.

Install the Android emulator BlueStacks on your cell phone

Turn Off Your Mobile Device’s Camera

When you have installed the Android emulator, and before starting it, you must deactivate the camera of your emulated device, since it can cause you some problem when starting Pokemon GO, knowing that this game uses the camera to capture the creatures.

To disable the camera you must access the registry editor. To do this, execute the ‘Regedit’ command, from the Windows search engine. Once the registry is open, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> BlueStacks -> Guests -> Android -> Config . There you will find the entry Camera, which you will edit by double-clicking on it, changing its value to 0.

Root Our Device With KingRoot

The next step is to root your emulated device. For this, you will manage an application like KingRoot, although there are many more applications such as Towelroot, Framaroot or Kingo Root that do exactly the same.

Once you download the APK of any of these apps with which you will become superuser, simply go to the side menu of BlueStacks and look for the Install APK option. Select the location of the file and install the application.

When installed, you must run it to root the device. This process may take a few minutes depending on the power of your PC. After the rooting, you must restart the Android Add-in, the option that is in the configuration menu, the top bar of BlueStacks.

If you have problems with the rooting of your virtual device, you can always resort to the installation of an already rooted BlueStacks whose installer you can find on quite a few websites by searching on Google.

Install Lucky Patcher

It is a very useful application that allows you to have control of all the apps installed on our mobile and modify its permissions. It is a cracker whose only function is to be the root of the system. And that’s why the reason for the previous step.

Lucky Patcher allows you to install and control what is known as a GPS forger or spoofer. Without this you will not be able to use Fly GPS, Fake GPS or any other application of these characteristics, so install its APK from the same menu as KingRoot.

Fake your location with Fake GPS

Open Lucky Patcher and select the Rebuild and Install option at the bottom of the screen. Now click on the icon just below to install APK called copy Windows Files and select the Fake GPS APK. You can now navigate to SDCard -> Windows -> BstSharedFolder where you can install the application with the option Install as a system application.

Fake GPS

Download and install Pokemon GO from your APK

Well, yes, it has been tedious but you already have all the tools we need to play Pokémon GO from our PC. Of course, before installing and starting the game you will restart BlueStacks manually to leave everything clean.

The next thing we do is install the Pokémon GO APK as a normal application, from the Install APK button, just as you have done with KingRoot. Of course, be careful with the origin of the file, only download it from reliable sources if you do not want to take an unpleasant surprise in malware or virus form.

Configure Fake GPS

Before you start playing, start Fake GPS from Lucky Patcher. To do this, open the application and search for Fake GPS among the system applications, with the Search tool located at the bottom of the interface.

We run the app that will give you your fake location and you start it in expert mode (in application settings). You must perform this action whenever you play Pokémon GO from your computer.

Now you can select the location where you want to hunt pokemon, as we have said before it is not recommended that we take jumps of location too abrupt. The game is not silly: if we are in Buenos Aires and 30 seconds walking through Paris, he will realize that you are cheating and it will not take long to ban you from the game.

Run and play Pokemon GO

Before you start playing Pokemon GO you must ensure that you have the location of both your computer (location disabled) and the emulated device properly configured. To do this you must enter the Settings menu, select Location and then Device only.

Once the game is started from the BlueStacks interface, it will ask you for your Google account to start playing. When you are already in the game, leave Device Settings and delete it so that it does not cause you any problems.

And that “easy” ūüôā you will be able to hunt Pok√©mons from the tranquility of your desk chair but using the same methodology as the mobile version. If you have FakeGPS open in another tab you can change your location to hunt all the missing creatures in your Pok√©dex. But don’t be too smart if you don’t want to be banned.

How to choose my first Pokemon?

As in the original game series, when you start the game you have 3 Pokémon to choose from: Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander. The initial choice is not of great importance because sooner or later you will find other Pokémon at a more advanced level. It is common to find Bulbasaur and Squirtle while walking, but Charmanders are already more difficult, as usual. However, there is an original hidden Pikachu Pokémon room. You have to follow some simple rules for results to appear, you can follow these tips.

Tricks To Find The Best Wild Pokemon

‚ÄĘTrick 1: In the lower right corner of the screen, a small tab shows nearby Pok√©mon. Touching this tab will open a window that shows the approximate distance between you and the nearest Pok√©mon. The distance is represented in steps; 3 means that it is very much 2 that is the distance is average and 1 that is close.

‚ÄĘTrick 2: Clicking on one of the nearby Pok√©mon icons will show you the distance to that particular Pok√©mon. If you move the phone in all directions it will show a flashing green light around a white rectangle indicating the correct direction you have to take to find them. Sometimes it can be quite complicated because it is not always the GPS works as we would like. The rings around your trainer will change as you get closer to the Pok√©mon and the steps will decrease by 3, 2, 1 and 0. The moment they disappear it means that you are exactly where the Pok√©mon is. Touch the screen and the creature should appear in about 10 seconds.

‚ÄĘTrick 3: If a Pok√©mon is shown on the screen, you can tap to start the capture process, no matter how far away it is from you.

‚ÄĘTrick 4: If you miss a Pokemon while trying to catch it, you may see it again.

‚ÄĘTrick 5: Use incense! Incense is a very useful item that can be purchased at the Pok√©mon GO store, or you get them when you level up. Incense attracts Pok√©mon and therefore increases your chances of catching a rare Pok√©mon. Incense also reduces the likelihood of its escape.

Trick 6: The Bait Module works similarly to incense. The bait attracts Pokemon to that place for 30 minutes and making all the players benefit from this, remember that it is not for personal use, you have to place it in a pokeparada. If you see a type of pink confetti animation on your map, run before anyone takes it from you. Use some bait and you will probably be surrounded by little monsters and I don’t mean pokemon.

Get Free Coins in Pokemon GO

There is an application called Gums Up, which allows you to get pokémonedas, with which you can buy incense, more space in the backpack and much more. It works in a very simple way, you must register and perform the actions indicated by the application to get the different objects. The good thing about this app is that it is completely free and you can download it for iOS and Android operating systems.

As you can see with this app you can get free coins in Pokemon GO although I don’t think Nintendo likes it very much ūüôā

Get Lucky Eggs in Pokemon GO

Not only does increasing the space in your backpack and incense requires the use of your coins, but lucky eggs will also need the coins you have obtained with this application.

Eggs are necessary to multiply all the experience you get, only then will you level up much faster and your pokemon will become stronger, which will make it easier for you to win the fights you want.

These eggs serve with all the pokémones you find and you can also use this hack to also raise the level of experience, because the coins will also give you the option to buy bait, which will attract the pokémon to the poké stops that are nearby where you live, without having to walk a lot for a specific one.

So if you want eggs and you want them now! You can use Gums Up.

PGK hack – The Most Downloaded Pokemon GO hack

One of the most downloaded hacks on the Internet for Pokemon GO is the PGK hack, an application that allows you to trick or hack certain parameters within the game. It mainly modifies the value of your coins and gives you the necessary pokeballs, it has a very used option for those who do not want to leave their house in search of pokemon called living room mode, which places you outside and traveling the streets from the comfort of your home, or even allows you to level up your account. It is compatible with the Android or iOS systems.

To use this hack we must first open our game, as usual, entering the username and password, it is important to leave it open while simultaneously open the PKG hack application. When opening the hack we will see a menu with the different hack that we can use, the most recommended is that of the coins since it will give you the power to buy the rest of the necessary tools.

In the menu you will also see the options to get poke balls, great balls, ultra balls, and the best masters balls, you just have to choose the hack you want, enter the amount you like and that’s it. Before applying these hacks it is necessary that your backpack has the necessary space, this is done using the coins that you generate with the application.

The lounge mode is the one that allows you to explore every corner of your area without having to leave, since this option is not possible for everyone because they are very busy or live in areas that are not so safe as to freely walk capturing Pokemon You just need to have your charger nearby and a good Wi-Fi signal in your home.

The truth is that with this type of hacks for Pokemon, the game loses all the grace.

GPS Hack

In many countries there are factors that will not allow you to go with your friends on the street hunting pokemon or play in a group in the gyms, for various reasons, there are countries where the weather and the rains make the walking route difficult, also safety is a factor crucial in many countries, since the app does not discriminate against safe areas, it simply displays the pokemon throughout the city.

An application that can help you is Pokehackgo, as it allows you to hunt all the pokemon of your choice without leaving your home. This app has a mode called living room that facilitates the task of looking for pokemon, because you can appear before the game as if you were out of your house without being, with this you will be able to travel places that you may not be able or not to travel, it depends on you if you use this as a form of hack or to play without risk.

To hack Pokemon Go, there are other radar applications, but that allows you to use GPS to detect the location of the different pokémones and poké stops, with which you will have a great advantage over the other players since you can reach and capture the pokémones that you want

In this blog you can find the best radar applications for Pokemon GO, if you want an advance, you can search on PokeRadar or Skiplagged.

Open The Eggs Quickly

A good Pokemon hack to open the eggs before is the one we show you in the following image:

Hopefully you liked this compilation of hacks for Pokemon GO, be sure that if we find more we will add them, and of course, if you know any, leave a comment and we will add it in the article.

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