How to Redeem Code on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch cards

Did they just give you an Xbox One card and you don’t know how to redeem it? Check out this guide. We will also tell you how to redeem the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch cards.

How To Redeem an Xbox One Gift Card.

The cards.

To start, you should know that there are two types of cards that you can redeem on your Xbox One. One of them is to hire Xbox Live Gold and the others are to add credit to your account.

With Xbox Live Gold you will not be able to do anything more than obtaining such service. This includes online gaming, as well as a series of free games that Xbox updates every month and in-store discounts. You will also have access to the backward compatibility between Xbox 360 games and your Xbox One.

Xbox Live Gold cards are available in 3 different ways: to hire the service for 1 month, 3 months and 12 months. Those of 1-month cost 139 pesos, those of 3 months, 349 pesos and finally those of 1 year cost 999 pesos. So, in reality, the best option for your pocket is 1 year.

On the other hand, credit cards for the store are available in different quantities, from 200 to 1,000 pesos.

To distinguish them, just look at the Xbox Live Gold text that appears on the cards for that service. In the rest, they are very similar.

By the way, you can buy these cards digitally or physically in stores. Here is the link to buy a digital gift card and here the link for the Xbox Live Gold digital card.

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If your card is physical, scratch the space where the code is with a coin.

How to redeem them

There are several ways to do this, here we will tell you how to do it directly on your Xbox One and on your computer.

Using a computer.

  • *Go to
  • * Login to the link on the right side of the screen and above.
  • *Enter your email from your Xbox account, as well as your password.
  • *Once you’re online, you’ll see your Xbox avatar on the upper right side.
  • *Click on your avatar and a list of options will appear.
  • *Select the redeem code option.
  • *You will see a screen to enter the 25 digits of your code. Here you will also see the email of your Xbox Live account. Verify that it is correct before entering your code.
  • *Ready!
How To Redeem an Xbox One Gift Card

Next, navigate down with the left stick of the controller and select “Redeem a code.”

Enter the 25-digit code from the gift card, then select “Next.”

redeem your code or gift card

If you want to verify that the credit has been added to your account, go to the Microsoft Account option on your Xbox avatar. Here you will find the Payment and Billing option. Select this option and you will be able to see all the transactions you have made with your account, as well as the credit you just added.

Using an Xbox One

  • *Sign in to your Xbox One with the account you want to add credit to.
  • *Once inside, scroll right until you find the Microsoft store.
  • *Select the option: Use code.
  • *Enter the 25-digit code. By the way, you don’t have to add hyphens, just numbers.


Redeem card on PlayStation 4.

The cards.

Like Xbox cards, there are also two types of PlayStation cards. Some for PlayStation Plus and others to add credit to your account and buy games also you can try our free PSN code generator. The bad thing about both is that both have prices in dollars.

The PSN Plus service is similar to the Xbox Live Gold and allows you to play online with friends, receive free games month by month and have access to exclusive discounts. This service has a trial period of 14 days.

PSN Plus cards are available in 3 formats: 1 month ($ 9.99 dollars), 3 months ($ 24.99 dollars) and 12 months ($ 59.99 dollars). Now, you will find the 12-month cards with a price of around 1,200 pesos.

On the other hand, credit cards are available with values ​​from $ 20 dollars up to $ 100 dollars. A $ 50 dollar will cost you like 1,000 pesos.

Unlike those of Xbox, you cannot buy them digitally (at least not directly in the PSN store). However, you can add credit to your PSN account directly with your card or buy your PS Plus subscription.

How to redeem them?

On your computer.

  • *Go to
  • *Select to access my PSN.
  • *Enter the email and password of your PSN ID.
  • *Once you enter, click on your avatar on the upper right side.
  • *Here go to account settings.
  • *A menu with several options will open. Select redeem the prepaid card.
  • *On the screen, enter the 12 digits of your card.


By the way, right there in the Purse option, you can see the funds you have in your account.

On your PS4.

  • *Log into your PlayStation with the account you want to add the card to.
  • *Select the Playstation store icon.
  • *In the Store menu, choose to redeem codes.
  • *Enter the 12 digits of the card.
  • *Ready!

Nintendo Switch

The cards.

As for Playstation and Xbox, Nintendo cards also have two formats. Some are the cards for the Nintendo Switch Online subscription and others are for adding credit to your account.

Those of Nintendo Switch Online gives you access to online gaming and a collection of retro Nintendo games (which grows every month). There are for 3 months (which costs 159 pesos) and 12 months (389 pesos).

On the other hand, credit cards in Mexico are available with various prices, but for example, in Gameplanet there are only 200 and 500 pesos. It should be mentioned that the cards that are marked that are for WiiU and 3DS, will also work with your Nintendo Switch.

How to redeem them

  • *Turn on your Nintendo Switch.
  • *At the bottom, you will find an orange bag-shaped icon. Select it
  • *You will be asked to choose the user account. Choose the one you want to add the card to.
  • *In the menu on the right side of the store, you will find the Enter code option below.
  • *In the menu on the right side of the store, you will find the Enter code option below.
  • *Ready!

Final Words

If you’ll find this guide on How to Redeem Code on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch cards useful.

You can share your thoughts within the comment section below and we’ll positively reply inside 12-24 hours. For additional details concerning the redeeming of Gift Codes, or any hassle, you’ll additionally search on Xbox’s facilitate section.