How to use Instagram in your inbound marketing strategy?

The methodology of inbound marketing consists of 4 stages: attract, convert, close and delight. Social networks and especially Instagram, although they have a high profile in the attraction phase, can also help guide our visitors from the beginning to the end of the funnel.

How to use Instagram in your inbound marketing strategy

Luckily, Instagram understood how powerful its reach was and how important its platform was to convert visitors and / or followers into sales opportunities. That is why in recent years, their updates for company profiles, have focused on making more measurable the results of interaction, to provide more detailed statistics and to make more monetizable content published by companies. Instagram Shopping, is an example of how this social network wants companies to use their platform to boost their purchases online.

In this sense, Instagram is an excellent tool for brands that want to carry out an inbound marketing strategy. Here are some key tips to use Instagram in each of the stages of the inbound and make the most of its potential:

Attract visitors and followers


Hashtags are labels that allow us to classify our content in a particular trend or theme. When we use hashtags in our publications, we are incorporating our content into a search system (within the same platform) that users use to find profiles and / or content that connect with their interests.

While these tags are present in many social networks, particularly Instagram lets you follow hashtags in the same way you can follow profiles. In this sense, they are powerful tools to attract visitors and / or followers to your content that are looking for options in the market to know

To successfully achieve this challenge, it is advisable that you create a list of hashtags in the same way that you create your keywords: thinking about your target audience. Think of fixed labels and labels that can vary depending on the content, that is, hashtags that are popular with your target audience and others that have a close relationship both with the image that is being tagged and with the general theme of your brand. It is recommended to use less than six hashtags per publication so as not to saturate the text or make excessive use of them.

Value content

To convert those people who visit our profile into followers, we must give them reasons to stay. Inbound marketing drives greatly promote valuable content over any content sales. The good news is that people who use Instagram are more used to seeing some publications as catalogs of products and services, so both strategies can coexist. However, this does not limit us to offering useful and interesting content for those communities that wish to educate themselves in a fast and interactive way through social networks.

In this way, attract new followers as happens with blogs, will depend a lot on the quality of the content we offer, which in this case, has a greater visual weight. The format also plays an important role, especially if Instagram also allows us to share videos and images in the same publication. Therefore, it is advisable to align the work of the community manager with that of the graphic designer and, in turn, with that of the content strategist.

If an attractive image or video is published with an accurate and easy to read the text, we have a high probability of receiving several “likes” and positive comments from people who are enjoying both formats.

Convert them into leads

Link in the biography

Instagram has the peculiarity that its links are not enabled either in publications or in comments. That means that if we put the link of our website in one of our publications, people will not be able to click on it, since it would be shown as just one more text.

Instagram allows us to place a single link in the biography and in that case, it is advisable to tell users that they should click on it. This space can be used perfectly to redirect this group of people to obtain a content offer or to make a purchase. Use this traffic to create a database of leads and potential buyers.

Links in stories

Another space that Instagram gives us to place our links are the Instagram stories. While to have that option available, our account must have at least 10,000 followers, it is also an excellent way to convert our followers into sales opportunities.

An advantage that Instagram Stories gives us is that we can make our content more attractive, dynamic and interactive. That is, quickly capture the attention of a person, providing information capsules of interest and then in the last story, place the access link to the landing for that person to obtain more information, make a purchase online or share your data.

Close sales

Private messages

There will be people who, to demonstrate their purchase interest, will go directly to the private instagram messaging to ask about prices, payment methods and availability of products and / or services. In this sense, in addition to emails, Instagram is also an excellent tool within the closing stage of the inbound marketing methodology to serve consumers in a personalized way.

Through direct messages, you can share images and links that can connect the consumer with conversion pages. You can even share the people, previous publications that are in our profile to recycle that content.

Delight and satisfy


Among the strategies to reward and enhance the loyalty of our followers, the contests on Instagram have undoubtedly been a trend in recent years. While they are mechanisms to attract more audiences and create alliances with other accounts, they work perfectly to give your community of followers some of your products in order to reward their constant attention and delight them.

These competitions are usually done by placing a publication where the prize is displayed and in the description the bases of the contest. There is a classic contest dynamics where for people to participate they must use a hashtag that the brand designates, mention 2 or 3 friends and make a comment on why that person wants to win. This is just an example of a contest since there are multiple ways to elaborate on them. From this, companies use pages that randomly select accounts to randomly choose the winner or the winners of the contest.

In short, Instagram is a platform allied to our inbound marketing strategy , since it can play a complementary role in each of the stages of this methodology.


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