How to create an irresistible SEO strategy for the new Google algorithm

In its process of constant improvement, Google launched a new update of its central algorithm last June that will change some aspects of your SEO strategy.

This update has brought many professionals from around the world to the head, but above all, businesses that depend directly on organic traffic have been affected.

If your business model is based on traffic quality, this post will be great to minimize, to the extent possible, the impact of the new Google algorithm update.

Google is monopolizing search results

With the new update of its algorithm, Google intends that the best response and option available to the user is the search engine itself. To this end, it has been proposed to monopolize the search results for a given query.

We can see this with the fragments highlighted in the search or even when we search for a specific product with Google Shopping.

Being an informative search, the search engine itself will give us the result even without consulting the post. This way you can reduce the clicks to other websites.

Another trend is that we observe in relation to news from newspapers or media, through the adaptation of content to AMP to achieve better web positioning.

Local companies, products, hotels or flights are also under the control of Google products.

With these examples, you can see how Google has great power over our content, so if you do not want to disappear from the top positions you better know the latest trends and be aware of algorithm changes.

What does Google really want with all this? Its objective is clear and based on offering a better experience in your search results. Google could not guarantee that the user accessing a certain URL is visiting the correct page. That is why he intends to monopolize the SERPs and be the one who gives the most accurate answer.

Surely you already know these actions, but have you stopped to reflect on the great control that Google has over our content?

♻️If we want to position our content, the only alternative we have is to follow the steps of Google

How to resist Google updates?

Below we will see 5 ways to resist updates of Google algorithms so that the websites are less dependent on organic traffic as an exclusive sales or conversion channel.

1-Create Quality content

You have already heard many times talk about the importance of valuable content or how to write effective content for SEO.

If you have experienced variations in organic traffic since June, be calm! The important thing is that you do not change your SEO strategy in Google, or carry out small actions or short-term modifications that may affect your positioning.

For now, the only way we have to overcome the algorithm updates is to bet on a long-term strategy focused on offering quality content that provides a quality experience for the user.

2-Long-term focused strategy vs. short-term tactics

It is easy to talk about how to develop an ideal SEO strategy to overcome the latest algorithm updates, although the practice is different and each niche is a world. Therefore, you must answer some of these questions, since they will be essential to approach a strategy correctly:

  • How to guide the user’s search intention?
  • How to reduce dependence on organic traffic and increase other sources?
  • How is my website built and what is its structure of external and internal links?

3-Be selective when choosing who you work with

Leaving aside the algorithm and looking at things from a more human perspective, it is very important to look carefully at the companies where we are going to work or the businesses with which we are going to establish contact.

Whether you are looking for new job opportunities in companies, agencies, hiring people or freelance professionals you must address some of the following issues:

  • What dependence does the business have on the main source of income? (Ex: the business that depends solely on organic traffic)
  • Is the main source of business income volatile?
  • Is the company open to implementing new ideas or correct errors in an increasingly changing environment?
  • Does the company have a vision focused on the long term? Will your web pages provide value in the immediate future?

In short, we have to take more into account the companies we work with and do a little research before getting involved in a project, where the objectives of the SEO expert have to be in line with the rest of the departments.

3-Build a brand and create value relationships

♻️Not only can you base the strategy and competitive advantage of a project on SEO traffic

As important as good positioning, it is to work the brand value. For this, it is always convenient to carry out lead nurturing actions by investing time and resources in encouraging all those visitors from organic traffic to become recurring users and trust our brand.

In this way, you will take advantage of the potential of search engine positioning, you will also get your brand to become known and look for you for it.

5-Interdepartmental collaboration

SEO should not be interpreted as an isolated discipline independent of the other functions of digital marketing.

It is increasingly important to connect it with the rest of the tools we have to develop an online strategy.

♻️ SEO has to be connected with the strategy in SEM, UX, CRO or even PR

In short, what it is about is creating successful websites where the different departments and personnel involved work in the same direction so that the great beneficiary is the user and the organization.


In summary to these tips to resist updates of the Google algorithm, we could say that the strategy of any company should focus on a long-term planning oriented approach.

We also have to keep in mind that the basis of the SEO strategy in Google or any other search engine, can not focus exclusively on organic traffic, but we must structure a business model based on promoting brand and work values interdepartmental to achieve the objectives.